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U.S musician Stephen Ray Perry writes and performs his own songs. Between the years of 1977 and 1987, as well as between the years of 1995 and 1998, he was the lead singer for the rock band Journey, during its most financially successful times. Aside from his band, Perry enjoyed a fruitful solo career from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, made occasional performances during the 2000s, and is now back to music full-time in 2018.

Steve Perry Biography

Steve Perry Biography

In his early teens, Steve Perry put forth tremendous effort into musical pursuits, realizing that music was his primary purpose in life. As quickly as possible, he became the main singer for the legendary rock band Journey. During his time with the group, they found tremendous commercial success. When he joined the band, he gave them a more polished, classic pop sound while also giving them a new, crisp edge. His musical career may have been in shambles as a result of a series of misfortunes, but he showed he was made of sterner stuff by persevering through it all.

Steve’s buddy Jon Bon Jovi gave him the nickname “The Voice” because it so perfectly encapsulated his ability to bring to life the elements of music, entwining harmony and rhythm. Despite everything, he lived his entire life “breathing” music. Later in his career, he recorded a slew of solo albums that reflected the variety of musical styles he explored before joining ‘Journey. He is currently based out of Del Mar, CA.

Early & Childhood Life of Steve Perry

Steve Perry, a singer and owner of radio station KNGS, and his wife Mary Perry had a son they named Steve. Since his ancestors came from Portugal, he was able to learn the language and become bilingual in no time. His parents split a few years after he was born, and he went to live with his mom and grandma. The marriage of his mother to Marv, who strongly supported him in his musical pursuits, occurred when he was 14 years old. After moving to Lemoore, California with his family, he enrolled in high school there and became an integral part of the marching band as well as other musical ensembles.

He first heard Sam Cooke on the radio when he was still a kid. He decided to make singing his career after hearing Cooke’s “Cupid.” Early on in his musical career, he performed with a barbershop quartet made up of friends from his neighborhood. However, his time spent playing drums and singing for “The Sullies” was the most fruitful of the bunch. It bested eighty other bands at the Calaveras Battle of the Bands and came out on top. He sang lead tenor in the choir while attending College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California. The musician inside him outshone his other qualities, even the fact that he never finished school.

The early years of his twenties were spent in Sacramento, where he and then-16-year-old Scott Matthews formed the banded ice (now a famous American musician). But it was quickly dismantled because of ineffective leadership and oversight. In 1977, he and Craig Krampf created a band called “Alien Project,” which quickly led to a recording contract with Chrysalis and Columbia Records. It was on July 4 of that year that the band’s bassist, Richard Michaels, was killed in a car crash.

He went back to Lemoore after that disastrous performance and never pursued a singing career again. His mother’s love and encouragement inspired him to keep trying. A call from Walter “Herbie” Herbert, the manager of the San Francisco band Journey, who had heard his Alien Project demo tape, came quickly.

Career Life of Steve Perry

He first performed in front of an audience in San Francisco on October 28, 1977, with the song “Journey.” As soon as Perry joined the band, they made the transition to popular rock and issued their debut album with him, titled “Infinity,” which resulted in a huge sales boost. It featured his original composition “Lights,” which shot to the top of the charts.

The album “evolution,” which featured Journey’s first top 20 hits, “Loving, caressing, squeezing,” was published in 1979 and also became a great seller. The album Escape,’ which featured the single ‘Don’t stop believing,’ was released the following year. The album went on to sell over 7 million copies, making it the band’s most successful release to date.

Frontiers, published in 1983, was a smashing commercial success and remains a classic. That same year, in order to pay for recording expenses, the band “Journey” went on a lengthy tour. Shortly thereafter, Perry released his debut solo album, Street talk, which featured the smash single “Oh Sherrie,” dedicated to his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford.

Due to a chain of tragic occurrences, he left “Journey” informally in 1986. After that, he stepped away from the music business for a period of seven years. In 1996, he recorded a reunion album with Journey called Trial by Fire, which became a tremendous hit and peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. Unfortunately, he sustained a hip injury and was forced to quit the band. His 1998 greatest hits collection featured a previously unreleased Alien Project demo. In 2005, he collaborated with David Pack, the lead singer of the ‘Ambrosia, on numerous occasions, singing background vocals and covering songs.

Major Work by Steve Perry

His first solo album, 1984’s Street Talk, is widely considered to be his finest hour as a recording artist. The song “Oh Sherrie” was written just for his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, who also made an appearance in the music video. The song topped the US rock charts and was played frequently on MTV.
He was one of 21 artists included in the 1985 charity single “We Are the World” by the supergroup the USA for Africa. In 1998, he recorded a number of songs for the soundtrack of the Warner Bros. film “Quest for Camelot,” garnering him widespread acclaim from fans across the United States. It has recently made its way onto movie soundtracks. Both of his solo albums, “Street Talk” and “for the love of weird medicine,” as well as a “Greatest Hits” CD, were reissued with new masters and released in 2006.

Personal Life

Perry penned “Oh Sherrie,” a song he recorded in 1984, about his ex-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford from the 1980s. Perry’s friendship with therapist and breast cancer survivor Kellie Nash began that year (2011). He stayed at her side as she fought a relapse of her disease and ultimately passed away in December 2012.

A successful hip replacement operation was performed on Perry in 1998, and he revealed in a September 2018 interview, “Things happened to me as a child that I still can’t talk about — nothing to do with my parents, but things did happen. It happened to a lot of kids, as I find out there was nowhere to talk it out, so I got to sing it out instead.” Perry had a melanoma-positive mole surgically removed in May of 2013. He underwent two operations to remove the cancerous tissue, both of which were deemed successful.

The Chicago White Sox used Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” as their unofficial song throughout the 2005 baseball season. Because of this, Perry (a fan of the rival San Francisco Giants) was invited to join the White Sox on their trip to Houston for the World Series, where he celebrated the team’s victory alongside the players both on the field and in the locker room.

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