‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 3 Release Date Status & Cast, Explained!

According to JoAnna Garcia Swisher, the third season will likely pick up right where season two left off. During an appearance on “Entertainment Tonight,” she revealed that “nearly where we left off because I doubt you’ll be able to say, “Whatever happened to Helen?” and “Is Justin in jail?” six months later. If you don’t go big, what’s the point?”

After the cliffhanger ending of season 2, if she’s right (and we have no doubts), season 3 will answer all of our burning questions. To begin, we have the following to consider: Do you think Helen will say yes to Ryan’s proposal, or will you keep looking for Erik? When asked whether she sees it “going either way” or “going either way,” Heather Headley told TVLine that she sees it “going either way.” Do not expect an answer right away, however. Showrunner and executive producer Sheryl Anderson tells Entertainment Weekly that “I know what she’s going to say, but I wouldn’t guess that timeline.”

Then there’s Cal and Maddie, another of Serenity’s perennially thorny pairings. In season two, we learned more about Cal’s — er, not quite — history of anger issues and saw how this led to Maddie pulling away from him. In the season finale, Cal was arrested for a fight at Sullivan’s after he ended up in a bar brawl. Sheryl tells Glamour that the incident sparked two important questions: “How do you earn the trust of others? Is it possible to reestablish trust after a trust has been broken?” If everything goes according to plan, the upcoming season will be an “opportunity.”

Sweet Magnolias Season 3
Sweet Magnolias Season 3

Let’s not forget Dana Sue, either. When Miss Frances died and left her a large inheritance, everything seemed to be going well for her. This was great news until the Sullivans began to be targeted for unknown reasons, with vandals slashing the tires of Dana Sue’s vehicle. Who in their right mind would do something like that? However, it appears that we’ll soon find out.

That’s only a fraction of the story: Issac’s recent discovery about his birth parents and Ty’s future without baseball are just two of the many storylines that are just beginning to unfold (which, maybe just maybe, includes Annie).

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When Is the Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Release Date?

We’d be happy to tell you when it will be available, but Netflix hasn’t provided any details just yet. Season 2 of Serenity was released in February of 2022, so fans can expect a return to the show in early 2023. We’re crossing our fingers!

Who Will Be in the Sweet Magnolias Cast for Season 3?

To our knowledge, the entire cast will return for season 3 and pick up right where we left off last year. So, that means that JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend, Brooke Elliot as Dana Sue Sullivan, and Heather Headley as Helen Decatur will all be on our screens in the season finale.

After all, the suspense that was left with the audience deserved some resolution. In season 3, we’ll hopefully get answers to many of our questions.

How to Watch Season 1 and 2 of Sweet Magnolias:

As simple as opening the Netflix app, you can get a refresher on Sweet Magnolias before watching season 3 of the show. Only on the streaming service can you get both seasons of the show at this point.

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