The Clothing Industry: Swimzip Shark Tank Net Worth

The business that rapidly grew its network after shark tank, we are talking about Swimzip shark tank net worth, and how it developed its business in minimum time at a peak.

Swimzip Shark Tank net worth

Swimzip Shark Tank net worth in 2022

When SwimZip was on Shark Tank, it was worth $1.2 million. The value of SwimZip in 2022 is $5 million. This product is for clothing designed to block the sun for children. Entrepreneurs of the company are Barry Wanless & Betsy Johnson. Investment Asking For $60,000 For 5% equity in SwimZip but Final Deal was $60,000 For 20% equity in SwimZip by Shark Lori Greiner.

What is Swimzip?

We are SwimZip, a company that specializes in selling children’s swimwear and accessories that offer protection from the sun. With SwimZip’s zipped shirts, kids can get dressed and undressed quickly and easily without any help. Swimzip’s line of clothing and swimwear is constructed from fabrics that effectively block over 98% of UVA radiation, the kind of radiation responsible for causing skin cancer. Although it is recommended that you cover up with sunscreen when in the water, have you given any thought to preventing harmful AVA rays from penetrating your swimwear? When shopping for a swimsuit, especially for a youngster, you may want to reconsider after seeing this new range from sisters Betsy Johnson and Berry Wanless. SwimZip is known for its fashionable, chlorine-resistant clothing and accessories.

Growth of Swimzip

Betsy Johnson and her brother, Berry Wanless, started the SwimZip firm in 2010. In 2007, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound. Afterward, she worked for Boeing Company as a financial manager till 2009. The company that Johnson founded and Wanless now leads is thriving. Johnson has a wealth of business experience that is amazing. At 26, after a life-altering diagnosis of skin cancer, she established Swimzip. After some soul-searching, she made the bold decision to leave her corporate position and pursue a new profession inventing UV protective clothing and equipment. Johnson wished to shield her children from the same catastrophe but was aware of the frustrations associated with dressing and disrobing toddlers in swimwear. She came up with the idea of adding zippers to the fronts of shirts, and thus Swimzip was born. In its third year of operation, Swimzip earned $525.000, an increase of nearly one thousand percent over the prior year.

Swimzip after & before Shark Tank


Betsy Johnson and Barry Wanless, two brothers, created Swimzip. The SwimZip brand provides a selection of UV-protective swimwear. SwimZip’s creators pitched their startup on “Shark Tank,” where they asked for $60,000 in exchange for 5% ownership. The Betsys and Barrys want to make sure their kids don’t get sunburned, but they still end up exposing their kids’ skin to the sun even after applying and reapplying sunscreen. Parents want their kids to have a good time in the pool, but the usual precautions against sunburn can become more of a nuisance when there’s a lot of yelling and bickering involved. Parents and kids alike can benefit from the sun protection offered by SwimZip’s protective swimmer line. When it comes to convenience, nothing beats the SwimZip suit, with its full-length front zipper. The tops block out 98% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays from the sun’s surface. SwimZip’s sun protection gear is simple enough for kids to put on without help from their parents.


In the course of the Shark Tank broadcast, SwimZip received funding from Lori Greiner; however, I do not believe the deal was finalized after the airing. Lori’s employment with SwimZip cannot be confirmed. is not linked to Lori’s site, and neither the blog nor the shop there shows any signs of having been updated by Lori. There are a plethora of places to find SwimZip, as the firm is relatively new but has amassed a sizable internet storefront. In 2022, SwimZip is still bringing in $5 million in annual revenue. They also included footwear, accessories, and clothing for both sexes.

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