Taboo Season 2: Will It Be Cancelled or Renewed? Everything We Know So Far

You can all breathe a sigh of relief, Tom Hardy fans! Taboo will return for a second season with the actor in the lead role. There has been much speculation and rumor, but the BBC show is finally returning, and we are all very excited about it! Take a look at what we know so far about Taboo’s upcoming season 2.


I mean, it’s set in 1814, so that’s something. The plot revolves around diamonds that were stolen by the protagonist.

As a result, Taboo is based on London’s dark underbelly during the 19th century. Because of this, it’s a big draw for the audience. Because the audience enjoys shows set in historical settings.

As a result, everyone is looking forward to this show’s second season.

Taboo Season 2 Renewal

It’s hard to believe, but Taboo was already renewed for a second season in 2017!. Yes! We’re not making this up; it was confirmed in an interview with Steven Knight, the director. Additionally, Knight promises that season 2 will be a success. As a result, we can all relax now that Tom Hardy is returning.

Knight also confirms that the show will run for three seasons, as originally planned. That means, even if the seasons are slow to arrive, we can still look forward to season 3.

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Taboo Season 2 Plot

When talking about Season 2 of Taboo, Steven Knight gives away a lot of little tidbits. James and his allies will sail to America at the end of season 1. According to Knight, the show will become more narcotic and opium-based as the characters move west. Surely that would be something we could all get behind.

For the following season, Knight says he has some “explosive stuff” planned. However, he is careful not to give away too much of his information. In addition, Tom Hardy teases a second season via cryptic references. He hints that the American spy network Colonnade’ will be the focus of season two.

Season 2 of this 19th-century period drama is expected to be a wild ride.

Taboo Season 2 cast

Knight and Hardy have both confirmed in interviews that Tom Hardy will be returning for the second season. Others are still waiting for confirmation. We can, however, expect a large number of them to return.

Lorna Bow, Stephen Graham, Mark Gatiss, David Hayman, Jason Watkins, Edward Hogg, and Nicholas Woodeson are all possible returnees.

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 was always going to happen, so that’s good to know. What’s holding up its arrival? The directors, as well as Tom Hardy, have a slew of other commitments. In addition to Peaky Blinders, Hardy is also working on Venom 2, A Christmas Carol, and so forth.

However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the second season may not be released this year either. If we’re lucky, Season 2 of Taboo may premiere in late 2020 or early 2021.

Taboo Season 2 Trailer

We don’t have it, either. Before the official airing date of Season 2, the trailer for Season 2 will be released. In the meantime, you can watch the first season trailer of Taboo by clicking on the link below. It’s quite fascinating, I think:

Taboo Season 3 & Future?

The only thing we know for sure about the Taboo TV series is that there will be at least three seasons. The playwright of Taboo, Steven Knight, has a preconceived notion of a three-act structure.

According to Knight, “The first was the ‘escape’, the second was the ‘journey’, and the third was the ‘agreement,’ and that’ll be it.”

We can expect three seasons of the show if everyone sticks with it and wants to continue doing it. That’s what I intend to do. Because I’ve mapped out a general path for it to follow. It’s a trip west. I know where I’m going. Writing three eight hours is like embarking on a long journey, and having a friend along for the ride is always a plus. “Knowing where you’re going is important.”

Hardy is the linchpin for the rest of the main cast. Also, as of right now, he’s on set for Venom 2. At this point, Tom must decide what he wants to do and when. Start shooting when his schedule allows it.

The last word

However, the show’s director, producers, and star, Tom Hardy, are all incredibly invested in getting it back on the air. Relax, Tom Hardy is on his way back.

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