Tarek El Moussa Net Worth 2022: An American TV Personality

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth: Tarek El Moussa is a $15 million net-worth American TV personality and real estate investor. Tarek made a lot of money in real estate, selling properties for billions to celebrities and the upper crust. His TV reality show and other show endorsements bring in a lot of money for him.

Tarek is one of the wealthiest TV celebrities, amassing significant wealth through his business entities. The couple found success flipping houses as an alternative to selling real estate, which suffered during the 2008 financial crisis.

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth 2022

Tarek El Moussa’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million in 2022. In the early seasons of the HGTV show, Christina and Tarek earned a total of $10,000 per episode. He quit his job at the age of 20 and became a licensed real estate agent, selling his first million-dollar home in two years. He co-hosts HGTV’s Flip or Flop and has flipped over 500 houses.

Tarek El Moussa Early Life

Tarek El Moussa was born on August 21, 1981, in Long Beach, California, and spent his childhood there. His forefathers are Arabs and Europeans. He is half Arab, half Iranian. His father grew up as a Catholic in Lebanon and then in Egypt in the Middle East.

My father moved to Europe in his late teens, and his mother is from Belgium. Tarek is an American citizen. His younger sister is Dominique. Tarek has a close family that includes his mother, father, and stepfather, all of whom live nearby and frequently assist him with his children.

Tarek El Moussa’s Career

Tarek is a real estate agent and property flipper in Orange County, California. He is well-known for buying property at auction, renovating it, and then reselling it. He obtained his real estate license at the age of 21 and immediately began house flipping.

He met his future wife, Christina Haack, while flipping houses. Christina was in charge of design, while Tarek was in charge of restorations. The economy expanded until 2008, when it collapsed. Tarek and Christina downsized from a $6,000-a-month mansion to a $700-a-month studio apartment after the crash.

Tarek, Christina, and their associate Pete De Best paid $115,000 for their first investment property in Santa Ana. Tarek and Christina’s real estate investments grew in value as the economy improved.

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth

Tarek enlisted the help of a friend to film him and Christina flipping a house from start to finish on the spur of the moment in 2011, with the intention of turning it into an audition tape. Christina and Tarek signed a deal with HGTV in 2012, and their show, Flip or Flop, premiered in 2013. The show follows the couple as they bid on a house, remodel and rebuild it to make it marketable, and then flip it.

Tarek is in charge of the remodeling, while Christina is in charge of design and keeping things on track. Between 2013 and 2017, Christina and Tarek recorded 92 episodes over seven seasons. The duo rose to prominence. Tarek El Moussa’s new HGTV show, Flipping 101 w m, with Tarek El Moussa, has been announced for 2020. Tarek is featured on the show as he teaches real estate beginners the keys to a successful flip.

After a successful 10-season run, Season 10 of the show will air on HGTV in 2021. Tarek El Moussa has amassed a net worth of more than $20 million through his investments in various businesses and properties.

Tarek El Moussa’s Personal Life

Tarek El Moussa married Christina Haack in 2009. They met while working at a real estate firm and went on to form their own company. Taylor Reese El Moussa, born in 2010, was their first child. Brayden El Moussa, their second child, was born in 2015.

Aside from the income and expert fees earned from property flipping and the talent fees earned from Flip or Flop, El Moussa and Haack have started Real Estate Elevated, a real estate school. Christina married Ant Anstead, an English television personality, in 2018. The couple’s first child is Hudson Anstead. After their wedding in Newport Beach, California, they purchased a $4.1 million home just two blocks away.

Heather is a Southern California native who looks a lot like Tarek. She became a professional model when she was 18 years old. As a real estate agent, she works with celebrities, entertainers, and athletes, specializing in elevated and wealthy clients. Heather is very passionate about animal welfare.

She is dedicated to staying fit and eating a healthy diet. Sebastian, Baxter, and Brandy, her three dogs, enjoy romping on the beach with her. During season 2 of Selling Sunset, Heather can’t stop gushing about Tarek, their relationship, her love for him and his children, and his son Taylor being one of her best friends.



Tarek El Moussa Assets

Tarek announced in 2020 that he was selling the house he bought after he and his now ex-wife divorced in anticipation of moving to Newport Beach with Heather, but they later backed out due to issues with the house.

Tarek’s previous property had already been marketed, so they began renting for at least a year a sleek, modern beach house just a block from the coast. Heather also has a West Hollywood condo, which is closer to her Sunset Strip office.

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