Tax Deadline For Massachusetts Approaches

Tax Filing Advice as the Deadline Approaches: Massachusetts News

How to avoid the rush and file your taxes on time! The tax filing deadline, set for Tuesday, April 18th, has not been met by tens of millions of people.

The original deadline was April 15, but because of the weekend, it was pushed back three days to April 18. No matter who you hire to handle your taxes, you’ll need these foundational pieces of information first.

Starting with proof of income, please. You should have gotten your W-2 by the end of February, which details the wages given to you by your employer. Form 1099 is commonly used to report non-wage income such as rental, investment, gambling, retirement, and self-employment.

Payments that qualify for a tax credit or deduction, such as interest on a private student loan shown on Form 1098-E or medical bills, must also be documented as per WWLP.

Tax Deadline For Massachusetts Approaches
Tax Deadline For Massachusetts Approaches

Here are some quick connections to the most up-to-date information about what’s occurring in Massachusetts County right now:

The concept of write-offs is another fine piece of advice. Every year, millions in deductions are overlooked by taxpayers. Fifteen percent of taxpayers overlook the saver’s credit.

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