YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary: Technical Guruji Net Worth

Technical Guruji Net Worth

Technical Guruji Net Worth in 2022

Every month, Technical Guruji’s YouTube channel brings in between 40 and 45 lakhs. His current wealth is estimated at $45 million, or Rs. 356 crores in Indian currency. The family business is a significant source of revenue for him as well. Every year, his wealth increases by 30%. He makes most of his money through Adsense and endorsement partnerships with major brands.

Last 3 Years’ Net Worth Trend

Technical Guruji Net Worth in 2022

$45 million

Technical Guruji Net Worth in 2021

$43 million

Technical Guruji Net Worth in 2020

$41 million

Prosopography Of Gaurav Chaudhary

Born on May 7, 1991, in the United Arab Emirates, Gaurav Chaudhary goes by the stage name Technical Guruji on his channel on YouTube. Famous for his Hindi-language tech tutorials on YouTube, Chaudhary is a rising star in the industry. A total of over 27.2 million members and 2.8 billion views have been accumulated by the “Gaurav Chaudhary,” “Technical Guruji,” and “TG SHORTS” channels as of March 2021. Forbes India included him on their list of 30 under 30 rising stars. He was born to a Jat family on May 7th, 1991, in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He went to a Kendriya Vidyalaya for his education. He went to BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, to study microelectronics after relocating to Dubai in 2012.

Career Life

In October of 2015, Chaudhary created a YouTube channel under the moniker Technical Guruji, where he primarily posted how-to videos and reviews of various products. For more introspective programming, Chaudhary started a second channel in 2017 under the name Gaurav Chaudhary.

When it comes to technology-related YouTube channels, Technical Guruji was ranked No. 9 in September 2018. Having gained more than 12.8 million subscribers, Chaudhary made history in November 2018 as the first technology-focused YouTuber to do so. Both the 2018 and 2019 versions of YouTube’s Rewind feature Chaudhary. Technical Guruji 2.0 (TG 2.0) will shortly be available.

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Earning From YouTube Channel & Gaming

When it comes to technology-related YouTube channels, Technical Guruji was ranked No. 9 in September 2018. Earlier this year (November 2018), it was claimed that Gaurav has surpassed 10 million followers on YouTube, making him the first technology-related channel to do so. His fan base extends across the country and around the world.

The most subscribed technology channel on YouTube in India is Technical Guruji. About 2,700 videos are in his collection. Sundays, Gaurav Choudhary makes an interactive video to respond to questions from his Twitter followers. It’s clear he enjoys what he does. His single-mindedness helps him maintain a firm grasp on his listeners.

Rapid expansion was seen for Gaurav’s YouTube channel Technical Guruji. The clarity of his ideas and his general popularity are two factors that have contributed to Chaudhary’s enormous following. Also, you don’t need a deep background in the subject to follow up with his films. His videos don’t need much of their viewers, however, they’re often just a few minutes long. No takes are possible, and he only speaks for around 10 minutes in total.

Technical Guruji is an Indian YouTuber who explains complex topics like video compression and smartphone technology in simple, easy-to-understand Hindi tutorials. His videos are both entertaining and educational. Every day, he puts out two new videos. After Unbox Therapy, he is now the most subscribed Tech YouTuber in history. The goal of Gaurav’s textualization of his video content is to increase his audience size. He plans to clear the air about any misunderstandings and cover all the bases.

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