Unexpectedly High Temperature to Hit 80 Degrees in Massachusetts on Thursday Since September!

A ‘good likelihood’ of record-high temperatures at 3 p.m. means that Massachusetts can expect temperatures of 80 degrees. Is it going from a pleasant spring to a hot summer in a few days? That appears to be the norm in the Northeast.

The National Weather Service has predicted that there will be a significant increase in temperatures this week, with the possibility of summerlike record-high temperatures in the 80s before the weekend.

Friday starts primarily sunny and very mild. Inland locations again close in on 80 degrees, but a front will push in from the northeast throughout the early afternoon. As the front passes, areas near the coast drop quickly into the 50s, and the wind direction becomes more easterly.

Bill Simpson, a meteorologist at the Boston office of the National Weather Service, told the Herald on Sunday that temperatures will rise to “pretty warm” levels during the coming week. As the Boston Herald reports, “Definitely above average.”

The week in the middle of April is forecast to be dry in addition to warmer temperatures. The dry and warmer weather, combined with the forecast breezy conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday, may increase fire weather risks.

Temperature to Hit 80 Degrees in Massachusetts
Temperature to Hit 80 Degrees in Massachusetts

Monday will usher in low 60s and predominantly bright skies for the start of the work week. The following day, Tuesday, will have highs in the low 70s, and Wednesday should be very similar.

We’ll finally start to warm up on Thursday and Friday, with record highs possible on Friday. Expect highs in the upper 70s on Thursday and low 80s on Friday. Worcester, located inland and far from the shore, had set a record high temperature of 79 degrees on April 14. This record is under threat this year.

Scans of the forecast discussion from the National Weather Service,

“However, our main concern for significantly increased potential for fire spread will be Tue and Wed, when WSW to WNW winds gust to 20-30 mph, mainly during the afternoon hours. We will be monitoring for the possibility of Red Flag Warning headlines as time gets closer.”

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This week, there has been an extended period of dry weather, which has increased the likelihood of dangerous weather conditions for wildfires. We expect a low of 20% to 25% relative humidity on Monday. On Tuesday, 25% to 30%, and on Wednesday, 30% to 35%.

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