Significant rainfall, gusty conditions, and temperatures below freezing are forecast for the SF Bay Area

Temperatures below freezing are forecast: As December nears, the San Francisco Bay Area is looking at another chance of significant rainfall and gusty conditions, with the possibility of frost and below-freezing temperatures likely in the North Bay and inland valleys.

“Overall, it’s slightly cooler than normal,” Dalton Behringer, a National Weather Service meteorologist, told SFGATE on Sunday morning. “We’re running five to six degrees below normal for high temperatures in San Francisco,” he added, comparing this year to last.

This week, temperatures in Sonoma and Napa counties are expected to fall into the upper 20s to low 30s. Meanwhile, temperatures in the Santa Clara Valley are expected to fall into the upper 30s, while evening temperatures along the Bayshore will range between the upper 30s and low 40s.

“We don’t want the cold to take people by surprise,” Behringer said. “We’re in the last week of November, so we expect it, but since it is a little below normal and nearing the freezing mark in some locations, don’t let it catch you off guard.”

Temperatures below freezing are forecast

The coldest temperatures and chances of frost are expected on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, according to the weather service. Frost is also expected in cities such as Concord and Livermore, according to Behringer.

Later in the week, the region will see two rounds of rain, the first arriving Thursday morning into Friday morning, and the second arriving Saturday morning into Sunday morning. The system is expected to begin in the North Bay and spread throughout the region.

“There’s still some uncertainty about how much we’ll see in specific areas, but I can say that upwards of an inch is not out of the question for most people,” Behringer said. “For the time being, it appears to be a good rainmaker.” On Thursday, the coast will also experience particularly breezy conditions, with wind speeds reaching up to 35 miles per hour.

“It won’t be anything terribly damaging, from what it looks like at this point, but it definitely could be something where we could see pieces of trees down or light impacts,” Behringer said.  This forecast, including specific rainfall totals, is subject to change, and people should consult the National Weather Service for updates.

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