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Terry Gross Family Illness

When two people in their seventies fall in love via email, the scenario reads like something out of a romantic comedy. Yet that is just what transpired to Delia Ephron, the writer. You’ve Got Mail, a favourite of the 1990s, was written by Delia and her late sister Nora Ephron. Delia found herself in a classic movie setting, completely by accident.

Delia met the psychiatrist and Jungian psychotherapist Peter Rutter through an editorial she wrote on the death of her husband, the playwright Jerry Kass. Kass and her marriage lasted almost thirty years. In a piece I wrote for the New York Times, I joked about how I’d completely lost it after my spouse died and I got a Verizon bill. The woman says, “Six months later, I got an email from Peter through my website.”

Peter reached out to Delia after reading the opinion post because he could relate to many of the events she described. This is how we were able to establish contact. I wrote back to him about his letter. I aspired for it to be endearing. Our love blossomed as soon as we began writing together. He seemed ready for our encounter. Delia’s husband had recently passed away, and her sister Nora had died in 2012.

Nora suffered from a highly perilous form of hereditary leukaemia. Only a few months into their relationship, Delia was given the same cancer diagnosis as Peter had.

The diagnosis of leukaemia came four months after my first romantic encounter. It was that weekend that he proposed, She recounts. On Monday, we acquired our marriage licences and rings, and on Tuesday, I started chemotherapy. Even though the future was unknown, they chose that spot to exchange vows. The chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant nearly killed her, but she pulled through and the cancer is highly unlikely to come back. Her marriage to Peter survived the trial. We were all in,” she recalled.

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