Top 10 Avatar: The Last Airbender Tattoos Which All Have Different Features

Amazing as they may be, this Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos are the ultimate expression of fandom.

Because of its numerous memorable scenes, characters, and visual components, Avatar: The Last Airbender is bound to be a popular tattoo subject. It’s also one of the most popular animated shows of the 2000s, so fans are eager to have permanent reminders of their devotion in the form of tattoos featuring their favourite characters, quotes, and imagery from the show.

You may find hundreds of amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos, many of which are breathtaking, smart, and adorable. There were a lot of great options, but we narrowed it down to 10.

1/10 Koi Fish

The Last Airbender Tattoos

In the Kingdom of the Northern Water Tribe, Sokka meets and falls in love with Princess Yue in one of the most beautiful and touching episodes from the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. As we soon find out, the Moon Spirit takes the form of two entwined koi fish that resemble yin and yang, and when one of them is slain during the siege by the Fire Nation, all of the Waterbenders lose their abilities. To protect her people and all Waterbenders, Yue gives up the life the Moon Spirit gave her to merge with it and swim through the void forever. Caleb Lynch got this tattoo to commemorate the selflessness of that act and the grace of the setting.

2/10 Aang’s Fan

Aang is an Airbender, meaning he can control the air around him. He can use it to propel himself through the air by conjuring up winds beneath the fan he rides, and he also employs the fan as a weapon to amplify the force of the air he manipulates. Only diehard Avatar fans will appreciate this minimalist tattoo by Julia C. Burns. It’s an understated tribute to everyone’s favourite Airbender and all the tricks he can pull thanks to the fan’s simplicity and the fact that Aang doesn’t appear alongside it.

3/10 Four Nations


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All of us can recite the Avatar prologue in its entirety, thanks in large part to the abundance of memes based on it. However, the series’ most crucial contribution is its description of our four nations (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air). All of Avatar’s themes revolve around the interplay between the four elements and Aang’s symbolic status as the only person capable of controlling all four of them. Tina Dimino’s beautiful watercolours of the emblems of the four countries are poignant memories of that peace.

4/10 Uncle Iroh


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Low-key Uncle Iroh is universally acknowledged as the most lovable figure in James Cameron’s Avatar. He appears to be politically agnostic and has no goal beyond safeguarding his beloved nephew. He always seems unfazed and ready to lend a helping hand to others around him. Angela Emr has done us all proud with this beautiful, painstakingly detailed portrait of our adoptive uncle Iroh and the tea he is always seen with. Also, the koi fish from the Northern Water Tribe, where Iroh betrayed his people to provide our heroes with the information they needed to defeat the bad guys and rescue the day.

5/10 Toph


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To put it simply, Toph is our favourite tough Earth Tribe babe. She is blind, but that doesn’t stop her from being the strongest Earthbender on the planet and doing things no one else has done. And she does all this while taking on the monumental challenge of instructing Aang in the art of Earthbending so that he can go on to save the world. Toph is a strong, beautiful girl, and Russell Van Shaick’s full-arm tattoo of her is a fitting homage. The bright colours and rough linework give the impression that this is an illustration from a manga.

6/10 Avatar State


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When Aang enters the avatar state, he becomes so strong that he almost loses control of himself and can effortlessly employ all of his abilities. And if he dies while in the avatar state, he won’t be reborn, making this his most vulnerable form of existence. A picture of him in this setting has to be included among the tattoos here. Among Elaina Conroy’s works, this one stands out as one of the most interesting and innovative. The absence of detail on Aang’s face and torso, along with the use of dotwork in place of a more conventional tattoo style, gives the piece an alien air and draws focus to the action taking place around Aang.

7/10 The Blue Spirit


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We appreciate its understated elegance just as much as Aang’s devoted fan. The mask of the Blue Spirit is instantly recognisable to any Avatar fan, but even to those who aren’t familiar with the franchise, it makes for a fantastic tattoo. This mask by Rat Barse is a fantastic interpretation since it embraces the series’ mask’s largely Asian-influenced design while also alluding to tiki masks. This tattoo is truly one-of-a-kind because of the fantastic contrast between the blue of the mask and the fiery orange and red of the flames.

8/10 Aang’s Arrow

This tattoo from Tattoo Wonderland is awesome on so many levels since it features multiple iconic images from the movie Avatar. The fact that they went to such great lengths to demonstrate how much of a fan they are is equally impressive. The arrows that have become Aang’s trademark are depicted in black ink across Aang’s arms, legs, and even his skull. Each of the four elements—earth, water, fire, and wind—is represented by a separate symbol within the arrow, so that we may understand exactly what it is that this tattoo is meant to depict.

9/10 Appa

Appa, our favourite flying bison, must be included on any list of our favourite tattoos. Tiggy has done a great job immortalising Appa in ink. The attention to detail is sufficient for us to recognise him, without making the tattoo feel like a caricature of him. Even though Aang isn’t shown directly in the tattoo, the orange and blue colour scheme is a nod to the Airbenders and serves as a reminder of him. The watercolour colour blocking is beautiful.

10/10 Four Nations Knuckles


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The same Russell Van Schaick who produced the stunning Toph tattoo above also created this tattoo, which is a wonderful portrayal of an Avatar fan despite its simplicity. This brand-new tattoo displays simplified renditions of the insignia of the four nations, yet it still shines brightly in the photo thanks to the medicine. This is a small and delicate tattoo, so it’s great to see the careful black linework that doesn’t stray from the lines. We get the impression that this person is ready to go to war for their love of Avatar because they are on their knuckles.

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