What happened When the SUV Drove Into an Apple Shop in Massachusetts? Prosecutor Claimed Its Speed Was 60mph Before Accident

The SUV driver who drove into an Apple shop in Massachusetts was going 60 mph before the fatal incident. Prosecutors say there were no indications the driver engaged the brakes before crashing his SUV into an Apple shop in Hingham, Massachusetts, last year.

The accident ki!!ed one and injured twenty-two others; the man now faces more than two dozen new charges, including second-degree murd*r.

According to Plymouth County Assistant District Attorney David Cutshall, on November 21, 2022, Bradley Rein, 53, drove up onto a sidewalk, crashed through the glass door of a store, continued across the sales floor, and slammed into a rear wall, killing a 65-year-old construction worker who was in his path.

The SUV Drove Into an Apple Shop in Massachusetts
The SUV Drove Into an Apple Shop in Massachusetts

After his arrest, Rein pled not guilty to one count of reckless murder by motor vehicle in connection with the incident that occurred at the Derby Street Shops outdoor mall.

A grand jury decided to indict him late last month on numerous new charges, including murder in the second degree and homicide by motor vehicle due to reckless operation.

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According to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office, the grand jury also indicted Rein on 18 charges of aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. The tweet is linked below:

On Monday, Rein entered a not-guilty plea to the new allegations against him. Rein, who prosecutors say was sober at the time of the crash, told police he was unable to stop the vehicle from crashing into the store because his right foot became trapped on the accelerator pedal.

The SUV’s electronic data showed Rein’s car sped to 60 mph in the five seconds before the incident, the prosecution claimed. There was no indication of brake application during those five seconds, Cutshall told the court.

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An inspection of the vehicle also revealed “no mechanical defects that could have contributed to this crash,” Cutshall said, though, noting a police collision analysis and reconstruction report has not yet been finalized.

CNN reports that Rein’s counsel claims the crash was accidental and that a full investigation of the car has not yet been conducted. Hingham’s fire chief said that when emergency crews arrived, they found persons pinned against the wall by the vehicle.

Numerous calls were made to 911, prompting a substantial police presence. According to Cutshall, most of the 22 people hurt in the incident required medical attention at nearby hospitals for significant injuries. Kevin Bradley, a New Jersey resident, was confirmed as the crash victim.

After posting $100,000 bail, Rein must now relinquish his passport and wear a GPS monitoring device. According to the district attorney’s office, the conditions of his bail include a prohibition on his leaving the state without prior consent, as well as the prohibition on his possession of firearms and the operation of motor vehicles.

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