Tiger Woods Erica Herman Break up: What Does She Say in Her Lawsuit Against Him?

Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of all time, is currently engaged in a legal struggle with his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman. Their tumultuous breakup in October 2022 has now spilled into a Florida court as she questions if he was justified in locking her out of their Treasure Coast property and challenging the validity of the NDA they had signed.

Instead of using the golfer, Herman has sued the Hobe Sound, Florida homestead trust that the golfer controls. As a result of the trust’s allegedly making “scurrilous and defamatory charges about how she received the money,” she is demanding more than $30 million in damages, alleging that it was the trust’s responsibility to return the $40,000 that it had wrongfully taken from her.

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Erica Herman Makes What Kind of an Argument?

In her case, Herman claims that she and Woods had an “oral tenancy agreement” that allowed her to stay in the Florida estate they shared for six years after their relationship ended. This is according to USA Today.

The claim was apparently filed in October of last year, but news of it didn’t start spreading until Wednesday. According to the document, “the obligations that were performed by and required of Plaintiff were numerous and of an unusual kind in view of the overall circumstances and environment in which she lived.”

Herman also claims that a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed in 2017 is unenforceable because of the federal Speak Out Act. The act forbids the judicial enforcement of such agreements in cases involving sexual assault or harassment.

To avoid having the matter heard in open court, the homestead trust is attempting to have the NDA enforced so that the matter can be heard in private arbitration.

Tiger Woods Erica Herman Break up
Tiger Woods Erica Herman Break up

Tiger Woods Erica Herman Break up: What Does She Say in Her Lawsuit Against Him?

She is suing the trust because she claims she was tricked into leaving the Florida house. Herman claimed that trust agents had persuaded her to pack for a brief trip, but when she arrived at the airport to board a plane, she was informed that she had been forcibly removed from the residence.

The lawsuit states, “Plaintiff has constantly demanded to be allowed back into her residence, but Defendant’s agents have refused,” which she claims is in violation of the oral tenancy agreement and Florida law. Woods set up the trust in 2017, and he and his kids are the only ones who can benefit from it. The home in question is its only tangible asset.

A document submitted in the court by the trust states: “Ms. Herman was invited to live in the House while she was in a relationship with her previous lover, Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, who continues to live in the Residence with his two children.

It was explained to Ms. Herman that she was not welcome in the Residence any longer after Mr. Woods just ended the relationship.

What Exactly is the Nondisclosure Agreement That Tiger Woods’ Ex is Attempting to Modify?

While Herman has not made any specific complaints of assault or harassment against Woods since signing the NDA in 2017, she is seeking the court to deem it partly unenforceable so that she can submit further information.

The ambiguity is “acute and crucial,” she claims in her lawsuit against Woods. Defendant and the trust under his control have used the Woods Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) aggressively against Plaintiff, leaving her uncertain as to whether she may divulge, among other things, facts giving rise to numerous legal rights she feels she has.

Furthermore, she is presently uncertain as to what further details of her life, if any, she may share, and with whom. Thus, “there is an ongoing dispute between Plaintiff and Defendant for which Plaintiff requires a clarifying pronouncement from the court.”

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Why is Erica Herman suing Tiger Woods?

After reportedly being kicked out of their shared house in October, Tiger Woods' rumored ex-girlfriend Erica Herman filed a court suit against Woods this week to revoke a non-disclosure agreement they signed at the beginning of their relationship.

What is Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend's name?

What we know about the sexual misconduct allegations against Tiger Woods. An explosive new development occurred on January 1 in the ongoing domestic conflict between Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman.


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