Tim Pool Net Worth: From Independent Journalist to Media Mogul

Tim Pool is a YouTuber, journalist, political commentator, and podcast host from the United States. He first gained attention in 2011, when he began a live stream of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Tim Pool worked for well-known media companies such as Vice Media between 2013 and 2014 before joining Fusion TV.

Pool later became famous on social media after he set up YouTube channels and got millions of subscribers. Tim’s main, self-titled YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers. In addition, he has a second YouTube channel called Timcast IRL, which was founded in 2016 by Tim Pool.  Here is everything you need to know about the total net worth of Natanael Cano, his early life, and his career.

Tim Pool’s Net Worth

In 2023, Tim Pool’s net worth is expected to be around $3 million. He is a rising journalist and content creator in the country and has done so well for himself at such a young age. Tim is best known for his two YouTube channels, where he posts political commentary videos. Most of his videos have millions of views, so he makes a good living.

His primary source of income is from YouTube channels, where he earns between $3 and $7 per 1000 video views. Tim Pool is only at the beginning of his career, but it appears that he will join the ranks of some well-known podcasters shortly.

He is well-known for things other than his YouTube channels, like his successful journalism career and product sponsorships, which bring in a lot of money. Tom Pool’s annual income is approximately $500,000, and his net worth grows yearly.

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Tim Pool Early Life

Tim Pool was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 9, 1986. According to reports, he grew up in Chicago’s southern neighbourhoods in a middle-class family. His father, Daniel, was a firefighter, and his mother, Timothy Daniel Pool, was a car salesperson.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim also has three other, less well-known siblings. He attended Catholic school until the fifth grade, when he dropped out at 14. Tim didn’t continue his education because he wanted to be an entertainer. Tim is of Korean ancestry.

Tim Pool Journalism Career

Tim Pool began his career in journalism after taking his first job. In 2011, he began live-streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests, which marked a watershed moment in his career. After footage of the rally was shown on several mainstream platforms, including NBC, he quickly gained attention.

Initially, he used live-streaming videos and aerial drones to capture the Wall Street protest. So, The Guardian wrote an article about how these movements can be a way to fight back against being watched. Tim Pool was assaulted in 2012 by an unknown perpetrator.

The protest proved that the photographer was free, and the NYPD later arrested Alexander Arbuckle. The live stream garnered him a lot of attention, garnering over 250k views, and Tim Pool was named to the 2011 Times list of people who matter.

Tim has also become well-known and has been featured in The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, Reuters, and The New York Times, among other prominent media outlets. The pool then co-founded Subverse, a news agency that raised over a million dollars in less than 24 hours in 2019. He used the crowdfunding method to generate that much money.

Tim Pool has also covered various protests, including the NoNato protests in Chicago in 2012, where he almost ended up in jail. The following year, he started working for VICE Media, where he covered the 2013 protests in Ukraine and Istanbul.

Pool moved to Sweden in 2017 to investigate the migrant suburbs. He was able to amass a sizable sum through crowdfunding, and he was compensated for his lodging and travel expenses in Malmo by well-known photographer Paul Joseph Watson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the worth of Tim Pool?

Tim Pool Net Worth is currently 3 million dollars.

How much money does Tim Pool make?

Tim Pool’s per year salary is $500k.

How old is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool was born on the 9th of March 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, he is 36 years old.



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