Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Net Worth: Husband And Wife

With a possibly violent divorce on the horizon, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, one of the wealthiest couples in Hollywood and the sports world, have a lot to lose financially. Here’s a look at the 45-year-old NFL player and the 42-year-old supermodel’s financial contributions to the marriage and what they might get out of it if they ever decide to divorce.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen net worth

Tom Brady Net Worth

Tom Brady net worth is $250 million. After the 2022 season, though, Spotrac estimates that number will be closer to $333 million.

5 Years Net Worth Trend of Tom Brady

Tom Brady net worth in 2022

$250 million

Tom Brady net worth in 2021

$245 million

Tom Brady net worth in 2020

$240 million

Tom Brady net worth in 2019

$235 million

Tom Brady net worth in 2018

$230 million

Early Life of Tom Brady

On August 3, 1977, Tom Brady was born in San Mateo, California, to a group of people who were all huge sports fans. He is Galynn and Thomas Brady’s only son and fourth child overall. All three of his older sisters are named Maureen: Nancy and Julie. He came from a Catholic family. He has fond childhood memories of going to 49ers games with his family. He looked up to Joe Montana growing up. He was a lifelong supporter of the Lakers and Celtics. In his youth, he attended football camp at the College of San Mateo, where future NFL quarterback Tony Graziani served as a counselor and instructed him in the technique of passing the football. Brady attended and played football, baseball, and basketball at Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo before graduating in 1995.

Midway through his junior year of high school, he was named the starting quarterback. As a senior, he sent highlight reels to prospective institutions. Athlete recruitment at universities was somewhat different back in the mid-1990s. If Brady were a high school senior today, he’d be a four-star prospect. The usage of such rankings was limited in 1995. Brady chose five schools from a long list: the University of California, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, and the University of Illinois. On the baseball side of things, Brady was picked up by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the 1995 Major League Baseball Draft. Brady has signed with the University of Michigan to play college football.

While at college, Brady spent his first two years as the backup quarterback to future NFL quarterback Brian Griese. Even after a strong season, Brady saw limited action. In the end, he was the team’s first choice for every game in 1998 and 1999. His first full season as the starting quarterback saw him break the Wolverine single-season records for passing attempts and completions. Twenty of Michigan’s 25 games with Brady as the starting quarterback ended in victories. Despite his stellar college record, he was not selected in the first round of the draught. With the 199th overall choice in the 2000 NFL Draft, Brady joined the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady’s Career

Brady is often regarded as the greatest “steal” in NFL Draft history due to his late selection. In his second year with the organization, he was named the starting quarterback, and he remained with the Patriots for a record 20 seasons as a quarterback. He is only the second quarterback in history to win a Super Bowl in his rookie year. He never had a losing season as a starting quarterback for the Patriots, yet he still holds the record for most victories by a quarterback in NFL history. He is the only quarterback in NFL history to have guided his team to more division titles (16). He holds the NFL record with 30 playoff victories and 11 postseason appearances. Since 2011, when Brady took over as quarterback, the Patriots have made an NFL record eight straight AFC championship games (and 13 overall).

Additionally, Brady has been selected to 14 Pro Bowls, which is tied for the most in NFL history. For his apparent role in the Deflategate football tampering scandal, Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. Two of the next three Super Bowls were won by Brady and the Patriots. Tom Brady confirmed his transfer from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March of 2020. During his time in Tampa, he reportedly spends $70,000 per month to rent Derek Jeter’s lavish custom-built waterfront property.

Contract with Tampa Bay

Tom will earn a minimum of $50 million throughout his two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning. In practice, he’ll make $15 million each year in salary plus a $10 million roster bonus. The maximum payout under the terms of the deal is $60 million, depending on how many goals he achieves. Because it wasn’t guaranteed, Tom decided to take down a bigger offer from the Patriots.

Contract with Fox Sports

After he retires from the NFL, Tom Brady will join the Fox Sports broadcast booth and earn $375 million throughout a 10-year contract beginning May 10, 2022. With an annual salary of $37.5 million, Brady would earn slightly more than twice as much as quarterbacks-turned-commentators Tony Romo and Troy Aikman, who both signed deals paying $22.5 million annually.

Intimate Life of Tom Brady

From 2004 until late 2006, Brady dated actress, Bridget Moynahan. As of the 18th of February, 2007, Moynahan had already been pregnant with Brady’s child for almost three months, as she told People magazine. As early as December 2006, when Moynahan was expecting a child, Brady and Moynahan broke up. In August of 2007, John Edward Thomas Moynahan entered the world. When Brady started dating Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian model, it was in December of 2006. A buddy set them up on a blind date. Brady and Bündchen tied the knot in a private ceremony at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California on February 26, 2009. The second wedding took place in Costa Rica in April 2009. They welcomed a son in 2009 and a daughter in 2012.

Transcendental Meditation, yoga, an 80/20 diet (meaning 80% alkaline and 20% acidic), early bedtime, resistance training, and neuroplasticity training are all part of Brady’s stringent wellness regimen. His whole household follows the TB12 Method, a controversial and extremely restrictive eating plan. He suggests consuming one-thirtieth one’s body weight in water per day. Most vegetables and fruits, as well as caffeine, Gatorade, white sugar or flour, gluten, dairy, soda, cereal, white rice, potatoes, and bread, are off-limits to him.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen net worth

Gisele Bündchen Net Worth

It’s estimated that Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen net worth is around $400 million. She was among the first group of Brazil’s supermodels to gain international fame and acclaim. She raised the bar for all Brazilian models to follow, and she’s largely responsible for the industry’s overwhelmingly positive perception of models from South America and the Caribbean.

5 Years Net Worth Trend of Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bündchen net worth in 2022

$400 million

Gisele Bündchen net worth in 2021

$390 million

Gisele Bündchen net worth in 2020

$380 million

Gisele Bündchen net worth in 2019

$370 million

Gisele Bündchen net worth in 2018

$360 million

Early Life of Gisele Bundchen

Model Gisele Bündchen was born in the Brazilian city of Horizontina on July 20, 1980. She has German ancestry. Gisele and her six siblings—her twin Patricia and four sisters Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, and Rafaela—grew up in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Gisele can communicate effectively in Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, and French. She always wanted to earn a living playing volleyball, and she did so for a while when she was a little girl. Gisele, Patricia, and Gabriela all went to a modeling school in 1993 to improve their slouching. Model management agency Elite found Gisele at a Sao Paulo shopping center the next year. She came in second at the Elite Model Look competition. Gisele traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in early 1995 to begin her modeling career.

Gisele Bundchen’s Career

In 1996, Bündchen was discovered at New York Fashion Week. She tried out for 43 events in 1997, but only two foreign shows ultimately invited her to perform. She was picked to appear in Alexander McQueen‘s “Rain” ready-to-wear show for Spring 1998 because of her ability to walk in the show’s extremely high heels without falling. She appeared in advertising campaigns for Missoni, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferré, Ralph Lauren, and Versace all in the same year. Several fashion magazines featured her on their covers, including Vogue Paris, Vogue UK, and i-D. She made her debut on the cover of American Vogue in July 1999.

In December 1999, she appeared on the cover of Vogue once more. At the age of 20, Gisele was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2000 after being selected “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” by the publication. She is widely regarded as the pioneer of Brazil’s new breed of supermodels, the bombshells.

In the year 2000 alone, Bündchen appeared on the covers of 37 different worldwide editions of Vogue, including three American versions. When January 2000 rolled around, she was featured on the covers of both the American and British issues of Vogue. Gisele was quite an active participant in the Spring 2000 Fashion Week. She has walked the runways in New York, Paris, and Milan for designers like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Dior. From 1993 through 2003, Bündchen was featured in every Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. After retiring from the runway in 2000 after signing a $25 million contract with Victoria’s Secret, Bündchen announced her retirement.

She donned the $15 million Red Hot Fantasy Bra from Victoria’s Secret that year, making her the proud owner of the most expensive piece of lingerie in history. The Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra, modeled by Bündchen in 2005 and priced at $12.5 million, is the second most expensive bra ever created. In May of 2007, Bündchen decided to no longer work for Victoria’s Secret. After making her tenth appearance in April 2010, Bündchen graced the cover of American Vogue once again in May of that year.

In 2011, she was on eight different covers of Vogue. With 70,743 copies sold, her Vogue Brasil edition from July 2011 was the magazine’s best-selling issue ever. In May 2014, Gisele took on the role of the face of Chanel No. 5. She was featured in more Brazilian television commercials in 2014 and 2015 than any other celebrity. By 2015, Bündchen had appeared in over 500 ad campaigns, walked in over 800 fashion shows, graced the covers of over 2,000 magazines, and been featured in over 3,500 magazine editorials.

Both the Brazilian hotel Palladium Executive and the designer sandal line Impanema were developed by Bündchen in partnership with the Brazilian shoe company Grendene. In 2018, Gisele published a memoir titled Lessons: “My Path to a Meaningful Life.” For almost six months in Brazil, her book was a best-selling novel. It was also a New York Times bestseller in the United States. The sales of her book helped fund environmental and humanitarian initiatives.

Personal Life of Bundchen

The models Scott Barnhill and Josh Hartnett were two of Bündchen’s exes. From 2000 through 2005, she dated Leonardo DiCaprio. She had a six-month relationship with surfer Kelly Slater in 2005 and 2006. In late 2006, Bündchen began dating Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots. A buddy set them up on a blind date. On February 26, 2009, Bündchen and Brady wed in a simple ceremony at St. Monica’s Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California. The second wedding took place in Costa Rica in April 2009. They welcomed a son in 2009 and a daughter in 2012. Brady’s son with actress Bridget Moynahan is also step-mothered by Bündchen.

They (Bündchen, Brady, and their kids) follow a vegan diet rich in plant-based foods. I am African campaign, (Product) Red, and Zero Hunger are just a few of the numerous charities that have benefited from Bündchen’s efforts, and she has also supported efforts to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina and raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This title was bestowed upon Bündchen by the United Nations Environment Programme in recognition of her work to protect rainforests and advance replanting.

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