Tomo Chan is a Girl Episode 9

Tomo Chan is a Girl Episode 9: Recap, What to expect, and more

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl!’ episode 9, ‘The Angel’s True Face,’ the show focuses on Misaki, who has struggled to open up about his feelings for Carol for years. Carol spends a day with Junichirou to elicit a reaction from him, even inviting him to her room and kissing him on the cheek.

When Misaki finally learns about their meeting, he can barely control his emotions, and Carol can read his face. The next day, Misuzu decides to ensure Carol’s senpai confesses his feelings to her. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ episode 9’s ending.

Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 9 Recap

Following the incident in which Tomo and Junichirou save Misuzu and Carol from evil upperclassmen, Misaki reflects on how his life changed many years ago when he met his childhood friend and cousin for the first time.

Misaki grew closer to Carol, but she never saw her vulnerable. This was quite intimidating because she could handle the worst situations in life without showing any signs of weakness. Misaki’s nature was one of the reasons she desired to become rigid.

Tomo Chan is a Girl Episode 9

This eventually pushed him to join the Aizawa dojo, where he began physically training. Even though he grew stronger, Misaki never told Carol-san about his feelings. On the other hand, Carol was growing impatient because she also liked him.

One ordinary day, she had the bright idea of making Misaki uncomfortable and eliciting a reaction from him to gain insight into his feelings. As a result, she requested that Junichirou spend some time with her. Junichirou initially declined, but he decided to meet her later that evening.

They began by playing in the park before proceeding to Carol’s room. Junichirou was already regretting his decision, but Carol insisted on doing something that would make Misaki uncomfortable. She kissed Junichirou on the cheek and even climbed on top of him. This was too much for Junichirou, who shoved her aside and dashed to Tomo’s house. He hugged her and was about to tell her what had happened when Carol arrived.

The following day at school, when Carol told Misaki what had happened, she could see her senpai was getting jealous that she spent time with Junichirou alone. She later said this to Misuzu, who felt it was time for one of them to open up about their feelings. Therefore, she decided to meet Misaki and confront him about his aversion to confessing his feeling.

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After speaking with Carol, Misuzu approaches Misaki and asks him directly why he has avoided confessing his feelings to his childhood friend. Misaki admits that never seeing Carol in a vulnerable state puts him in an awkward situation. He is terrified of having that kind of relationship with her, so he has never confessed his love for Carol, even though they have known each other for years. Misuzu recognizes his reservations are valid and believes she should try to assist him.

As a result, she promises to make Carol vulnerable so that Misaki can finally summon the courage to tell her how he truly feels. Later that day, when Carol approaches Misuzu to inquire about what she discussed with her senpai, the latter does not hesitate to inform her that she has no chance with him. Misuzu bluntly dismisses Carol’s hopes of meeting Misaki, prompting her to flee home. On the other hand, Misuzu’s trick has the desired effect, as anyone who comes across her that day is surprised to see her in tears.

Misuzu sends Misaki to her house now that she is vulnerable so they can talk about their feelings. Misaki rushes to Carol’s house, where he finds her sobbing uncontrollably. He wastes no time in assuring her that Misuzu is lying. He then explains that everything was his fault because he wanted to see her in a vulnerable state. Misaki eventually admits that he loves her, and Carol shares her feelings.

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