Tony Blevins Net Worth 2022: An American Technology Professional

Tony Blevins Net Worth: Tony Blevins is an American technology professional who served as Vice President of Procurement for Apple.Inc, a global technology company. Blevins had been an Apple employee for over 22 years and was one of only 30 people who reported directly to CEO Tim Cook or COO Jeff Williams.

Blevins was known as a master negotiator, and he once declined a contract offered by UPS by returning it to UPS executives via FedEx. Blevins was also known as “the Blevinator” within Apple. Blevins, one of Apple Inc.’s most senior executives, was fired after making a vulgar joke about fondling “big-breasted women” for a living in a TikTok viral video.

Tony Blevins Early Life

Blevins was born on January 29th, 1975 in Rockford, Illinois. He received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University in 1989.

Tony Blevins Net Worth

As of 2022, Tony Blevins’ net worth is estimated to be $4 million. His base income as an Apple vice president might have been around $244,000 per year. Blevins reportedly makes an additional $339,000 each year in bonuses, shares, commissions, or profit sharing, for a total annual salary of around $584,000.

Net Worth $4 Million
Name Tony Blevins
Age 47 Years Old
Height 1.71M
Profession Technology Professional
Annual Salary $244,000 Per Year
Last Updated 2022

Blevins may possibly have a fortune of several million dollars based on his 22 years at the company and his probable high income prior to the vice president position.

Tony Blevins Career

Blevins was an Apple Vice President, a position that reports to top executives, and his main responsibility was to keep the price Apple paid for computer parts low.

Tony Blevins Net Worth

In the year 2000, Blevins began working for Apple. He began by purchasing everyday items for the company, such as toilet paper, through corporate procurement. Since 2000, Blevins has led a large international and multidisciplinary team that has enabled innovative Apple products like the original and all subsequent versions of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Current CEO Tim Cook assigned Blevins the task of negotiating the glass used in the construction of Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, in 2012. Blevins reduced the prices by hundreds of millions of dollars from the original $1 billion estimate.

He also worked on the company’s satellite deal with Globalstar Inc., led negotiations for cellular modems with Qualcomm Inc. and Intel Corp., and was in charge of lowering the prices of a number of critical components used in Apple’s mobile devices.

He previously worked at IBM in engineering, finance, production control, and procurement, as well as on numerous international assignments.

Tony Blevins TikTok Video

Blevins was getting out of a Mercedes-Benz at a car show on September 5, 2022, when he was approached by Daniel Mac, a TikTok creator who focuses his TikTok channel on interviewing people while they are in fancy vehicles.

Mac stopped Blevins while he was parking his $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Mac inquired about Blevins’ occupation. He made a statement that was misinterpreted as a reference to the 1981 film Arthur. “I race cars, golf, and swoon over big-breasted ladies.”

Blevins may have overlooked the remark. TikTok, on the other hand, seized the video and ran with it, amassing at least 1.3 million views.

Fired From Apple

Blevins was fired as a tech executive when a viral video surfaced in which he said that he fondled big-breasted women for a living. His leadership was called into question and the remarks were made public.

It was followed by an internal investigation, and he was eventually removed from command of the team of hundreds of people. On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Apple revealed that he would be leaving the Silicon Valley office after dozens of complaints and reports were filed against him by several hundred employees in response to the viral film.

Members of Apple’s procurement and operations teams initially reported the video to the company’s human resources staff since it was a popular topic of debate among business partners and workers. Blevins has confirmed his firing and, in addition, has apologized for his actions.

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