Too Hot to Handle Season 2: Where Are They Now?

Season 2 cast members, including Marvin, Melinda, Cam, and Emily, are still going strong nearly a year after the show ended.

Since Netflix’s reality dating show Too Hot to Handle ended nearly a year ago, it’s worth thinking about what the competitors will be doing in 2022. Carly Lawrence and Cam Holmes rounded out the top three with their second and third-place finishes, respectively, at the end of the competition. As far as I can tell, no one has broken up with anyone.

Likely, viewers are still wondering about what the singles have been up to since competing on the show and what may be in store for them in the future.

Season 2’s Cam Holmes and Emily Miller became a fan favorite duo despite their repeated violations of the show’s celibacy restrictions. Cam, 24, came in second place, while Emily, 27, finished in sixth place of the 10 finalists. They moved in together in London in 2021, according to, and they’re still together as of April 2022, ten months after they first started dating. According to Newsweek, they could be on their way to becoming parents and getting married.

The above photo was taken three weeks ago and was posted to her Instagram account. When it comes to the fashion industry, Emily’s credits include work with Simmi Shoes and Oh Polly; Cam’s include BoohooMan and Spotify; and Cam’s include BoohooMan (as per

Melinda Melrose & Peter Vigilante

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose had been the finest couple on Too Hot To Handle Season 2, but after the show ended, Melinda Melrose began dating Peter Vigilante, the first participant to be eliminated. Just a week after the finale aired, Melinda and Peter announced their engagement and remained engaged until September of 2021.

Rumors of a long-distance California-New York connection have been fueled by the fact that the two frequently remark on each other’s social media posts. The two split up just a few weeks ago, Peter confessed on Tik Tok. Melinda continues to work as a model and social media influencer while Peter goes back and forth between the coasts for his job as a personal trainer. Melinda recently attended the Revolve Festival for what appeared to be a business and pleasure trip.

Christina Carmela

Despite the shock of Christina Carmela choosing Robert Van Tromp at the end of season 2, the pair lasted three months before splitting up in September 2021. (as per Because of the pandemic lockdown and the long distance between Christina’s home in South Africa and Robert’s in London, the two could not communicate effectively.
Christina is still working as a fashion model, but she has just taken to the skies to show her impressive piloting abilities. Before arriving in Dubai just one week ago, Christina had been on a trip through Asia, stopping in Manila before making her way there.
Too Hot to Handle Season 2
Too Hot to Handle Season 2

Robert Van Tromp

He has since returned to London and established a podcast called Lipstick Stained Passport, which has interviews with Christina’s ex-boyfriend Robert Van Tromp, as well as his thoughts on relationships, sex, and mental health, according to

When Robert isn’t podcasting, he’s been a model for businesses including Blakey (as seen above), Fashion Nova, and more. Robert spent 48 hours in Paris in 2022, apparently learning Spanish in preparation for future trips to Spain.

Marvin Anthony

While on vacation in Mexico with Melinda, first-place winner, Marvin Anthony, had a furious argument with her and their relationship quickly deteriorated. Even as a model and fitness guru, Marvin has utilized his platform to promote BLEU WATER, a non-profit that works to increase the availability of safe drinking water for everybody (as per

As seen on his Instagram, Marvin has done quite a bit of traveling since his time on the show, visiting London, Paris, Dubai, Milan, and spending Easter in sunny Los Angeles.

True to the Game 2

Despite being a late entrant to the villa, Carly Lawrence, a Toronto native, finished third after ultimately connecting with Joey Joy. According to, the two dated for only a few weeks before calling it quits in August of 2021. Bennett Sipes, Carly’s new boyfriend, was spotted at Coachella with her last weekend, as well as an appearance on the podcast Pillowtalk.

Carly has been going to warm climates like Cabo, Laguna Beach, and Los Angeles to promote her new podcast, Now The Fun Starts, and to get away from the cold of Canada’s winters. It’s no secret that Fashion Nova, one of the hottest fashion labels out there, employs the model, who is now 24 years old.

Chase De Moor

After being voted the funniest season 2 contestant, Chase de Moor has returned to the villa to seek a professional soccer career. The Michigan Panthers, one of eight teams in the brand-new United States Football League, announced on Instagram just four days ago that defensive lineman Chase had been signed (USFL).
Throughout his career, Chase has amassed an impressive social media following, with over 2.2 million Tik Tok followers in addition to his million Instagram followers.

Elle Monae

Elle Monae arrived in the villa midway through the season of a popular reality dating show and immediately caught everyone’s attention. Model, 25, has become an official Angel for Pretty Little Thing’s fashion line since her appearance on the show. She shared a photo of her newest shoot on Instagram.

In addition, Elle just starred in a bikini spread for Manish Vaid and has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, distant from her home in Washington, D.C. What’s even more amazing is that in February 2022, Elle was signed to Best Kept Secret, a multi-platinum management company that would undoubtedly expand her horizons.

Nathan Webb

Larissa Townson, an Aukland native, and Texas dancer Nathan Webb’s on-screen romance came to an end after they split. On the other hand, Larissa decided to leave the show after Nathan indicated his disinterest. Since that time, Nathan has made his way to California, where he appears to be enjoying the American dream.
Even better, Nathan Webb and his partner Kayleigh Rock just became parents to a newborn girl. In his spare time, Nathan may be seen working out at the gym to maintain or improve his body or posing for online modeling portfolios.

Larissa Townson

Currently working for Neon Model Management, Larissa Trownson was the only THTH 2 contestant to leave in the middle of the show. Her time with Nathan came to an abrupt halt after a promising start, prompting her to return to New Zealand where she continues to be a social media influencer.

Larissa also works as a lawyer in her homeland, balancing work and play with the utmost enjoyment. She recently launched her exclusive website,, which is said to be akin to an Only Fans account.

Tabitha Clifft

Tabitha Clifft, a Londoner, was the 10th finalist despite not finding love on the show. Since starting her own “Tabitha” brand last year, Tabitha has become a personal fitness and wellness coach for a large number of clientele.

With dieting and nutrition tips to go with elaborate workout routines, Tabitha is candid about what she eats daily and what she does for exercise.

Joey Joy

Despite finishing seventh on Dancing with the Stars, Joey Joy has been spending time in both Miami and Los Angeles since then. Joey, who is just 23 years old, has recently been doing some tattoo and dental braces removal, internet modeling, and a little bit of traveling, among other things.

THTH 2 contestant Joey has also been cast as a model for Fashion Nova and NovaMen, as he was seen posing in a pair of their underwear just one week ago. After splitting with Carly, Joey has yet to find a new love interest.

Kayla Carter

Kayla Carter and Peter were the first to be evicted from the villa. In the last few months, the 24-year-old Floridian has been modeling in Los Angeles (above). Kayla posed for a sexy Yave Tequila ad on Valentine’s Day.

Due to her abrupt exit from the show, no one had a chance to get to know Kayla. Fashion Nova hired her as a model after she appeared on the show in 2022, and she moved to Sweden in January of that year.

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