Twin Star Exorcists Season 2: Everything You Need to Know!

Will there be a Twin Star Exorcists Season 2? The first season of Sousei no Onmyouji came to a satisfying conclusion, but it left us all with a slew of unsolved questions. As a result, fans of the popular anime have been screaming for a sequel for several years. Studios have not received a response from Studio Pierrot.

A renewal for the Twin Star Exorcists, also known as Twin Star Exorcists Season 2, has not been announced. Are there any prospects for its return? What will transpire during the much anticipated new season? You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn more.

Sousei no Onmyouji, also known as Twin Star Exorcists Season 2, is a very successful Japanese film franchise that came out of a manga series penned by Yoshiaki Sukeno.

Several projects were renewed due to the acclaimed success of two spin-off manga series, three light novel adaptations, a computer game, and a television anime (Konosuba Season 3) series. It began airing in April of that year and was terminated in March of the following year. Studio Pierrot (Akatsuki no Yona, Bleach, Black Clover) created the anime series (Chainsaw Man).

Release Date of Twin Star Exorcists Season 2

‘Twin Star Exorcists’ Season 1 ran from April 6, 2016, to March 29, 2017, and had 50 episodes. The manga still gets new volumes. But the anime’s first season closed on a high note that leads to its finale. A new season based on something other than the manga is possible, although it’s less likely.

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There’s still time for a second season, given that the first one just started. A large and dedicated following of viewers would eagerly welcome new episodes of the show to be made available for their enjoyment. Until the studio confirms otherwise, we can only hope for a 2021 release date for Twin Star Exorcists Season 2. As soon as we have official confirmation of the new season, we will update this section.

The plot of Twin Star Exorcists Season 2

Exorcists strive to deal with dangerous animals known as “Kegare” in the parallel dimension of Magano. These exorcists include the well-known child prodigy Benio Adashino. An Exorcist Union suddenly calls her to Tokyo. She encounters Rokuro, an exorcist with a troubled past.

The monsters then kidnap two more children from the two Magano girls. Benio follows after them, dragging Rokuro into Magano. She confronts the “Kegare” and is outnumbered. Rokuro saves her just as she is about to be defeated. He demonstrates that he is a formidable exorcist and, possibly, her only rival. These two are doomed to be the “Twin Star Exorcists,” raising Miko to be the heralded hero who would rid Magano of the darkness that threatens it.

Characters of Twin Star Exorcists Season 2


Benio Adashino

There are two “Twin Exorcists” in this series: Benio Adashino and Rokuro Enmado. She is a tall teen with bluish-purple hair and deep green eyes. During combat, she wears her school uniform and exorcist gear. Rokuro lost both of her legs in battle, and she has taken to using unclean legs to replace her missing limbs, much like she did. A chilly, aloof individual who dislikes communicating and becomes easily angered. However, because exorcisms are her one true passion, she is captivated by conversations about them. She despises loss and never backs down from a fight.

When it comes to Rokuro, her major foe, she is fiercely competitive. She has to deal with him daily as well as in fighting situations. She’s a stickler for the details and won’t give up until she succeeds. She also gets humiliated quickly and faints when she feels ashamed. As a result, she warms up to Rokuro and develops a friendship with him. Her ego gets in the way when she first starts to like him.

When she gets to know him, she’ll be able to show admiration and envy at the same time. Her speed and strength can be enhanced with the application of charms. She is the only exorcist who can use six enchantments simultaneously. She’s wearing a fox mask and two charm swords on her head.

Rokuro Enmado

Rukoru Endamo often spelled Rokuro Enmadou, is the series’ main male protagonist and exorcist who joins the “Twin Star Exorcists” with Benio. One of them will become Miko, the antidote to all evil on their planet. Rukoru, like his mother, has unruly dark brown hair and bright red eyes. His right arm was severed when he was 12, but he now possesses a “special” arm. Until recently, Rokuro was a cheerful young man eager to rid the world of evil spirits. After a series of bad situations, he vows to give up his exorcist skills and live a normal life.

He later seeks purpose in other pursuits such as soccer, reading, and acting. It doesn’t take him long to realize, however, that his only talent is in the face of Kagame. Even though he is a pacifist who prefers not to get involved in fights, he can’t bear to see his loved ones go through pain. He is constantly willing to put himself in harm’s path to help those who are dear to him. Even though he is haunted by many painful memories from his troubled past, he keeps them hidden.

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