Two Teenage Girls Were Murdered in Indiana in 2017, and Police Claim They Have Apprehended and Charged a Suspect in the Cases

Authorities said Monday that they had arrested a local man in connection with the 2012 murders of two teenagers in Indiana, ending a five-and-a-half-year nationwide manhunt. Court-sealed criminal paperwork and an ongoing investigation make it impossible to learn the specifics of how 50-year-old Richard M. Allen of Delphi was arrested, but he is said to be wanted for murder in the 2017 deaths of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German.

Two Teenage Girls Were Murdered in Indiana in 2017

They were supposed to meet Libby’s father after a trek around the Delphi Historic Trails in February of that year, but they never showed up. The following day, their remains were discovered in the woods close to the trail, around half a mile from the Monon High Bridge where they had been dumped off. Throughout the years, investigators have released meager clues, including a shaky video of a guy strolling and a jumbled audio recording. Neighbors say they saw police examining Allen’s home about two and a half weeks ago. According to the news release, Allen was arrested by police on Wednesday and sent to the White County Jail on Friday after he was formally charged. Allen has been arrested and is being jailed without bail.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter told reporters, “Today is not a day to celebrate, but the arrest… is undoubtedly a huge step in getting to a completion of this long-term and difficult investigation.” Allen pled not guilty at an initial hearing, Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland said. When asked how the family reacted to the news of his arrest, Carter said, “It was a very sad, yet a very humbling event.” On January 13, he will have another hearing before his trial begins. According to the prosecutor, his trial will commence on March 20.

An Aunt Claims a Suspect Helped With Funeral Photography

CVS verified Allen was an employee but did not say in which location. In a statement, the business expressed its shock and sadness and promised to “fully cooperate with the police inquiry.”

On Wednesday, Libby’s grandma Becky Patty and aunt Tara German were told that someone was in custody; on Friday, they heard that it was Allen, who police said worked at the CVS in Delphi. According to Patty, she has never met Allen, but German is a frequent customer at CVS, and knew him there. After Libby passed away, she had a memorable run-in with Allen.

According to German, “he was the one who helped me when I went inside the store to print images of Libby for the burial.” The process of erasing the photos from my phone left me in a jumbled mess. The moment he handed me the finished product, he stated, “I’m not going to charge you for this.”

Despite McLeland’s assertion that a court had found probable cause to charge Allen with murder, he would not clarify, citing the sealed nature of the charging paperwork and the probable cause affidavit. He claims the court’s decision to keep the records secret will be reviewed at a later date.

Investigators are still looking for tips “not only about Richard Allen, but about any other person you may have,” he said, but McLeland wouldn’t say whether or whether it indicated authorities were looking for further suspects. I understand how aggravating this is, he continued. The honesty of this case is paramount to me. Immediately following the press conference on Monday, Carter informed HLN that he had “already gotten tips immediately since 10 o’clock.”

The facts of the investigation are still being kept under wraps, but Carter did remark, “We are going to maintain a very thorough and devoted approach to guarantee that if any other person had any involvement in these killings in any manner, that person or persons will be held accountable.” Furthermore, he stated, “This inquiry is far from complete, and we will not endanger its integrity by publishing or discussing papers or material before the appropriate time.”

Not much is known at this time, however, on October 13, a couple who lives in the area and who did not want to be identified observed unmarked police vehicles outside of Allen’s house. After dark, a deputy arrived and showed Allen a piece of paper before beginning a search of the residence and surrounding area. rumor had it that the neighbors were saying.

They reported that a tow truck removed Allen’s black SUV from the residence and that officers emerged with bundles of clothing, books, a shopping bag, and a shoebox. They also allegedly dug out two tiny portions in the backyard while using what looked like a metal detector, and placed up lights near a shed in the area. Although Allen stayed outside, his wife left the house twice before returning after the deputies had left.

The deputy told the man, “Just remain alert, especially with your wife and daughters.” when one of the neighbors questioned if he should be concerned. According to the pair, Allen was never memorable. They say he has a cat and a wife and that they don’t get many visitors. They claimed he could regularly be seen in his driveway after work puffing on cigarettes and chugging beers.


The Very Long Delay In Making An Arrest

Authorities have been looking into this for 2,086 days, according to Carter. On their February 13th, 2017 day off from school, Abby and Libby went for a trek at the Delphi Historic Trails. None of them ever came back. It took a search party 18 hours to find their deaths in the woods near the abandoned railroad bridge they had shot earlier in the day. Shortly before the girls were killed, Abby shared a photo on Snapchat showing them crossing the train bridge. However, it was another photograph captured by Libby—a grainy, pixelated photo of a man in a blue jacket and trousers on the bridge—that made headlines across the country. Detectives with the Indiana State Police released the photo, stating they have reason to suspect the individual in question in the double homicide.

The state police also published an audio recording of the alleged killer uttering four words: “men down the hill” (in English). 2019 saw the release of a revised sketch by authorities, as well as more mobile phone footage from the girl’s device.

The massacre wreaked havoc on Delphi. When asked about the number of tips investigators received in 2019, McLeland claimed it was “a dozen or more” every day. In 2021, Libby’s grandparents, Mike and Becky Patty, put out a plea for financial support. We’re trapped in the past trying to track down the monster responsible for the deaths of two girls. “We are only asking for one minute of your day,” they said in an open letter. Would you consider that an unreasonable request if it included your child or a member of your family? ”

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and the Indiana State Police made a public appeal in December to identify the user behind the Snapchat, Instagram, and maybe other social media profiles containing the name “Anthony shots,” which they said was active in 2016 and 2017.

According to a press announcement, the catfish “used photos of a known male model and portrayed himself as being immensely affluent and owning multiple sports cars.” Investigators have identified the model and stated that “he is not a person of interest in the inquiry.” The fake profile’s developer used the information to contact minor females and ask for naked photos, and their addresses, and even try to meet them. The profile’s creator, though, is someone the police want to learn more about.

Cynthia Rossi, who grew up with Abby and Liberty, had hoped that Monday’s announcement would bring some sort of resolution to their situation last week. A piece of Rossi will always have perished with them that day, and he will never find complete peace and justice, but he is delighted that justice will be done, hopefully, that is what the news is. As another local of Delphi, Shirley Goyer, pointed out, “There’s a lot of folks that will be there. We’ve been waiting for this, so it’s hopefully for the best that it’s almost over.

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