The Best Mechanical Keyboards, Whether You’re Typing Or Gaming

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there is no comparison. They’re fast, comfortable, and more durable than typical rubber dome keyboards, making them ideal for gaming. These screens also include excellent backlighting, easy-to-use media controls, and an ever-expanding array of wireless alternatives.

Who it’s for: Gamers and typists who want fine control over how and when their keyboard switches work.

With a mechanical keyboard, you can choose from many different switch options, each of which has its pros and cons. With the Apex Pro, SteelSeries gets rid of all of that by letting you change the way the buttons work. Its optical OmniPoint Switch is very fast and can be changed in a lot of ways. You can set the actuation point anywhere between 0.4mm and 3.6mm, which changes the actuation force. You can change the Apex Pro so that it has a deep switch or a shallow switch, whichever you prefer.

You can even set different activation points and forces for different tasks, so you can have something lighter for long typing sessions and something a bit heavier for gaming, all in one package.

It has RGB lighting on each key and a unique way to control media with a roller and a button. There is also an OLED smart display that shows you information about your games, apps, and the keyboard itself.

This keyboard is the best mechanical keyboard you can buy in 2022 because it has a frame made of aluminum and a lot of extra parts you can buy for it.

Typing Game
Typing Game


  • The most customizable switches of any mechanical keyboard.
  • Built-in OLED display and media controls
  • Comfortable wrist rest


  • Overkill for most
  • Switches: Corsair OPX or Cherry MX Speed Silver
  • Lighting: Per-key RGB
  • Size: Full

Who it’s for: Gamers who are willing to pay for high-end features and a great build.

Corsair has been making some of the best gaming keyboards for a long time, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the K100, its newest and best keyboard, is the best in this category. It is a very well-made keyboard with a strong frame and a lot of useful features. It has some of the best per-key RGB lightings and the CUE application, which runs in the background, is both detailed and easy to use.

It has a very fast polling rate of 4,000Hz, which, along with the very fast action of the Corsair OPX optical switches (or, to a lesser extent, the Cherry MX Speed Silver alternative), makes it one of the most responsive mechanical keyboards on the market today.

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It has a comfortable wrist rest and all the keys have PBT keycaps that give it a high-end feel. The scroll wheel and iCUE control wheel can be used to control music and sound in games. This makes the design flexible and easy to use.


  • Super fast and responsive switches
  • In-depth RGB customization
  • Super sturdy


  • Very expensive
  • Switches: Razer Optical
  • Lighting: Per-key RGB
  • Size: 60%

It’s for gamers who don’t have a lot of space or who want to take a great gaming keyboard with them.

The Razer Huntsman Mini is a great choice if you want a good mechanical keyboard but don’t need all the extras and don’t have a lot of space. It’s a 60 percent keyboard, so it doesn’t have any function keys, arrow keys, or a number pad. However, this makes it very slim, so it’s great for traveling or small gaming stations.

Inside this small frame is a powerful design. It has Razer’s excellent optical switches, which make it very responsive for gaming or typing, and each key has RGB backlighting that works with Chroma and can be changed in many ways. The double-shot PBT used to make the keycaps makes them last longer, and the textured surface keeps dirt from building up over time.

Even though this keyboard has fewer keys than some of the others on this list, you still have full control over the key bindings. If you want to add back some functions that were lost with a board this size or want to add macros to certain keys, it only takes a few clicks.


  • Very compact
  • Fast gaming switches
  • Razer Chroma RGB support.


  • No dedicated media keys
  • Lacks arrow keys
  • Switches: Das Keyboard Gamma Zulu
  • Lighting: Per-key RGB
  • Size: Full Size

It’s for people who do typing, programming, editing and writing for a living.

The 5QS is the new top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard from Das Keyboard. You can see why by looking at the list of features and specs. This keyboard has Das Keyboard Gamma Zulu switches, which can be pressed over 100 million times without breaking. They also have detailed RGB lighting for each key and can be fully customized with the Das Keyboard software for key remapping or macros.

One thing that makes this keyboard stand out, though, is that it’s supposed to make you more productive. With custom APIs, you can use the RGB lighting to get information about the weather, CPU usage, email alerts, stock prices, and more. This is a really smart mechanical keyboard that is great for typing and other work. It is also a tool that can do more than most keyboards because it can tell you things and be adjusted. It also has a comfortable place to rest your wrist, and then dial in the corner makes it easy to use the media controls and other functions that can help you get more work done.

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