U.S. Coast Guard locates a missing man from the Carnival Valor who is responsive

 U.S. Coast Guard locates a missing man: The U.S. Coast Guard found the missing passenger who was overboard from the Carnival Valor, and he was responsive, according to a spokesperson.

A Carnival representative told Eyewitness News that a missing passenger was reported around noon on Thanksgiving, when the ship was on its way to Cozumel. People say that the man and his sister were at a bar on Wednesday night. Around 11 p.m., the man left to use the bathroom and never came back.

It was said that the ship had made announcements about its search for the missing man, calling it a “search and rescue operation,” and that it was working with the Coast Guard.

 U.S. Coast Guard locates a missing man

On November 23, the ship left New Orleans for a five-day cruise that included stops in Cozumel and Progreso. On November 28, the ship will go back to Port NOLA.

The name of the missing man has not been made public. He is still alive and was taken to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, where emergency medical staff were waiting. On Friday, the U.S. Coast Guard is likely to give more details.

This is not the first time this year that someone has gone missing from the Carnival Valor. In February, a woman who was 32 years old jumped off a boat 150 miles south of where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

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