Zelensky Says: Ukraine is Ready to Retaliate Against Russia

Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive to retake land taken by Russia is about to begin. The media reported last month that Volodymyr Zelenskiy had said Ukraine should wait until more Western armored vehicles arrived before commencing the counteroffensive. The interview was published on Saturday.

We strongly believe that we will succeed. I don’t know how long it will take. Honestly, it can go a variety of ways, completely different. But we are going to do it, and we are ready.

He has been making diplomatic overtures to the West to keep their support, with the end goal being increased military funding and weaponry for Ukraine.

Russia controls large areas of eastern, southern, and southeastern Ukrainian land. Some sections of Ukraine have been experiencing a prolonged dry period, fueling speculation that the counteroffensive is close at hand. Ukraine has stepped up its attacks against Russian ammunition storage facilities and supply corridors over the previous few weeks.

Ukraine is ready to retaliate against Russia

The eastern Ukrainian province of Donetsk, which includes the city of Mariinka, was the epicenter of fighting on Saturday, according to a dispatch from Ukraine’s armed forces. According to the report, the Ukrainian military successfully withstood an onslaught by 14 Russian troops.

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