Underworld Chapter 6: Renewed or Canceled? And More Details!

The Underworld series has been dormant since 2017’s Underworld; Blood Wars, but here’s everything we know about a possible Underworld 6.

Vampires and werewolves have long been rivals for the title of most iconic fictional monster, but in 2003’s Underworld, their battle hit the silver screen in a big way. Bad reviews from critics didn’t deter movie fans from heading to the theatre, and Underworld proved to be a huge hit at the box office, nearly quintupling its $22 million production budget.

Including three sequels and one prequel, there have been five films in the Underworld franchise. All of them have turned out to be profitable ventures, although many feel that the series’ quality dipped steadily as it went along.

Underworld: Blood Wars, while still managing to more than double its budget, posted the lowest box office take of the franchise so far, which is probably why neither producer Lakeshore Entertainment or distributor Screen Gems has been quick to greenlight an Underworld 6.

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However, Hollywood is now more dependent than ever before on existing properties with a fanbase to attract audiences, so an Underworld 6 is possible in the future. On this, we can base our speculation.

Underworld 6: Will It Happen?

While co-creator Len Wiseman and series star Kate Beckinsale were reportedly open to returning for an Underworld 6 shortly after the release of Blood Wars, nothing ever came of it. This made more sense in 2018 when Beckinsale publicly declared that she was officially done playing Selene in Underworld films.

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Wiseman has hinted at the possibility of an Underworld TV series in recent years, but no concrete plans have emerged. For now, it appears that another Underworld entry is on indefinite hold, and even if it ever happens, it seems likely Beckinsale will decline to participate.

Underworld 6: What The Story Could Be About

Underworld: Blood Wars concluded with a bang, as many fans will recall. Selene resurrected after a long-forgotten ritual gave her new abilities and a brand-new look. It’s revealed that Selene’s long-lost werewolf love Michael Corvin was killed by Lycan villain Marius, or at least that’s how it appears. After becoming vampire elders, Selene and her friend David were reunited with their werewolf/vampire daughter Eve.

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A hypothetical Underworld 6 could explore whether Michael is dead or not, as he’s managed to defeat death before. Selene’s life now that she’s in a leadership position among her kind could also be examined, as could the mother-daughter relationship between Eve and Selene. It’s unlikely that producers would ever consider recasting Selene because Beckinsale’s portrayal of her is so iconic among fans.

The problem is that Beckinsale doesn’t want to come back. There are still some upset that Michael got recast when Scott Speedman wouldn’t come back, and that would likely apply tenfold for Selene. With that in mind, it may be more feasible just to reboot the franchise, if not entirely, than by having it focus on new characters living within the same universe.

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