Unidentified Man Saves Grandmother and Her Relatives as Their Home is Nearly Consume by Kentucky Floodwaters!

Amid disastrous flooding in eastern Kentucky, one anonymous man’s good deed helped rescue a grandmother and her family trapped inside a water-filled home.

On Thursday morning, Randy Polly was driving to the gas station in Whitesburg, Kentucky, when he encountered floodwaters and became stuck on a stretch of dry land.

A few hours later, he watched from a distance as a man saved an elderly woman and other people who were trapped in a house as the water kept rising.

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Polly told CNN he could hear people yelling across the flooded road, “Get me help, get help.” Polly called 911, but emergency services were overwhelmed and unresponsive to his calls, he said. At about 9 a.m., he saw someone he called a “hero” swim over to the house and start banging on a door and window.

Polly took several exciting videos of the rescue and sent them to CNN. Polly said that the whole thing took about 30 minutes. The man got in through a window and helped each of the three family members get out safely.

Unidentified Man Saves a Grandmother

Missy Crovetti, who lives in Green Oaks, Illinois, told CNN that her grandmother Mae Amburgey, her uncle Larry Amburgey, and her brother Gregory Amburgey were among the people who were saved. She said that they are safe and that her grandmother and uncle are getting better in the hospital.

Crovetti said her uncle, who is in his 70s, had been put on a ventilator — likely due to water inhalation — and taken off later in the day. Her grandmother was being treated with antibiotics after suffering a laceration on her leg, Crovetti said, and as of Sunday had been diagnosed with pneumonia. “We’re hopeful but also terrified because of her age,” she said.

Crovetti’s brother took pictures of the flooding inside the house while he, Crovetti, and the other two people were waiting to be rescued. In one of the pictures, 98-year-old Mae is sitting on her bed, which is almost filled with water.

Crovetti said she does not know the name of the man who rescued her family. Polly also said he does not know the man’s name.

Crovetti started a verified GoFundMe campaign to help her grandmother and other family members get back on their feet after the terrible floods.

As of Sunday morning, at least 26 people had died because of the floods. Parts of southern and eastern Kentucky are under a flood watch until at least Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service. The Weather Prediction Center says that there are a Level 3 of 4 moderate risks of heavy rain in southeastern Kentucky on Sunday.

The flooding and heavy rains started overnight on Wednesday. Some homes were swept off their foundations, and people had to look for higher ground. Gov. Andy Beshear has said that he thinks the number of deaths will go up as search crews go into areas that they can’t get to yet.

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