Unidentified Pellets Discovered in NE Portland Park in Oregon Have Concerned Neighbors

NE Portland Park: Portland Parks & Recreation advised dog owners to keep their pets on a leash after a neighbor reported finding suspicious pellets at the Rose City Golf Course in Northeast Portland. The golf course is in the Rose City neighbourhood. A man named Matt Rafferty was out walking his dog near the park when he said, “It’s really concerning.”

Unidentified Pellets Found In NE Portland Park in Oregon

An image of tiny, light brown pellets was uploaded to Nextdoor, and the author suspects the pellets contain rat poison. According to the Portland Parks and Recreation Department, they are unable to determine the nature of the pellets or whether they are toxic. Despite this, folks who were walking their dogs in the area around Rose City Golf Course expressed concern about it.

It’s terrifying, but as long as you keep an eye on your dog, you should be fine. “Who knows what the purpose of those pellets would be,” Jeff Hiller said. “Who knows what the goal of those pellets would be.” Rafferty expressed concern about the situation, saying, “It’s worrying because your dog is going to want to eat anything that is available, so hopefully, we don’t hear any concerns about this.”

NE Portland Park

Especially after reading the news that something suspected to be rat poison had been discovered at Mount Tabor Park just one week before. Rafferty said what was described as “the nastiest thing.”

Rangers did their best to collect as many pellets as they could and then notified the police department just to be safe, according to Portland Parks & Recreation. Additionally, rangers have been seen visiting the course more frequently in order to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

“That is something I believe will be extremely beneficial. This feature, according to Rafferty, “keeps the park safe for our pets.” Portland Parks & Recreation also advised maintenance and golf personnel to be on the lookout for any unusual chemicals.

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