Upload season 2 has finally arrived on Amazon Prime Video after nearly two years of waiting.

As a result, many fans have expressed their disappointment that the second season of the sci-fi comedy-drama is three episodes shorter than the first.

Although Robbie Amell has spoken out about why season 2 is only seven episodes following the release of the new season.


It was only a matter of time before the highly anticipated second season of Upload made its way to Amazon Prime Video after its debut in May of 2020.

Having been shaken by the events of the Season 1 finale, Nathan Brown finds himself in a precarious position as his domineering girlfriend Ingrid unexpectedly shows up at Lakeview, claiming to have uploaded herself.

Despite Ingrid’s arrival, Nathan yearns for Nora, the customer service angel he formed a close bond with during the chaos of season one.

Since she was attacked, Nora has gone into hiding with an anti-tech group known as “The Ludds,” which means “the lads.”


Season 2 of Upload premiered on Amazon Prime Video on March 11th, but it was three episodes shorter than the first season.

“It took the same amount of time to shoot seven as it would have to take to shoot ten,” Robbie Amell said in an interview with Digital Spy. Covid restrictions, testing, and having to divide people into different bubbles made the process take longer.”

Also revealed by Amell was that Greg Daniels had decided that the season should not be extended simply because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Greg, on the other hand, is just so clever and he said… Exactly how did he put it, though? This season’s best story had a seven-episode arc, Robbie said.

“He is correct. So, I mean, the ending is fantastic. That, in my opinion, is the best way to wrap up the season. Season 2 is going to be a real treat for anyone who thought there was a cliffhanger in season one.” However, it was just the best version of the story available.

Are there any more episodes we could have done? Sure. That was the best version of it that I could come up with. And Greg is far more intelligent than I am.”

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Even though this year’s season of Upload was cut short, the show’s future remains bright.

Greg Daniels, the show’s creator, revealed to Collider ahead of the release of season 2: “I’m in the middle of writing season 3 with the [writers’ room],” he said. We’ve reached the midpoint of the game. So, I’m confident that that one will continue to progress.”

When asked about the second season episodes, Daniels said, “I mean, [Amazon Prime Video] are very excited about them, and that is one reason we’re deep in the writing of it.” Although we shot it before Space Force, we’re releasing it a month after that film because the post-production process is so lengthy due to the heavy reliance on visual effects.

Season three, he concluded, “is something they want to get started on right away,” he said.

‘Upload’ Season 2 Ending Explained: What Is Happening to Nathan?

Greg Daniels created the science fiction series Upload for Prime Video. Digital immortality can be purchased by “uploading” oneself into a virtual afterlife of one’s choosing in the year 2033 in Upload. When computer programmer Nathan (Robbie Amell) is nearly killed in a car accident, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), his possessive and still-living girlfriend, decides to pay for him to upload his consciousness to the incredibly expensive Lakeview, a “virtual afterlife resort” that is extremely expensive.

Nora, Nathan’s “living customer support “Angel,” becomes more and more of a part of his life as he adjusts to the digital heaven’s advantages and disadvantages (Andy Allo). Nora’s job, her dying father, and her growing feelings for Nathan all put her under a lot of stress, but she also begins to believe that Nathan was murdered. In addition to the show’s main characters, Aleesha, Nathan, Luke, the Lakeview AI Guy (Owen Daniels), and Lucy, the CEO of Horizon – the tech company that owns Lakeview – are some of the other characters.

Upload Season 2
Upload Season 2

Upload In the final episode of Season 1, we saw Nora and Nathan trapped in the 2 Gig level, where someone was trying to kill them. After a two-year hiatus, the show is back with a brand new season, bringing with it a slew of exciting new possibilities for both the living and the already-uploaded. Season 2 begins where Season 1 left off, with Nathan still in 2 Gig and Nora and her ailing father Dave (Chris Williams) on the run from the Ludd’s in the forest.

They want to create an anti-technology movement to prevent capitalism from taking over the afterlife industry. They attack companies that offer extravagant afterlife options for the wealthy under the leadership of Pastor Rob and his sect. Against Nora’s wishes, a community leader, Matteo, persuades her to join (Paulo Costanzo). To everyone’s surprise, Ingrid saved Nathan when she first became an ‘Uploader’ last season. As it turns out, she’s just wearing a Hug Suit and pretending to be dead.

Dramatic plot twists abound in the season finale. Ingrid reveals that she is regenerating Nathan’s body in the hopes that Downloads will one day be successful so that they can have a real baby together while desperately trying to persuade Nathan to have a real baby with her. Finally, Nathan is made to admit she is still alive and has been wearing a Hug Suit to fool him into thinking she was an Upload the whole time. As soon as he hears this, Nathan finally decides to break up with her. Friend, a new afterlife service that promises to be free for the less fortunate, is part of a larger plan to influence national elections. Nora and Nathan discover this while investigating the Freeyond service.

After downloading himself from Lakeview into Ingrid’s regenerating body with the help of the Ludds, Nathan awakens in his new physical form. Nathan and Nora finally get to spend an intimate night together, at least for the time being, thanks to this method. He later discovers that Nathan’s nose is bleeding. Especially concerning given that the human trial in Season 1 ended with the decapitation of one of the participants. The episode cuts to black before we have a chance to process this potentially shocking development. We’re left with a huge cliffhanger about Nathan’s future, which raises the stakes of the show significantly.

Tinsley (Mackenzie Cardwell), Nathan’s new Angel, arrives at work and discovers that Nathan has vanished from the system and is nowhere to be found in Lakeview, where he lives. She follows the advice of a senior colleague and begins secretly rebooting another version of Nathan within Lakeview, not knowing that he has just ‘downloaded.’ Out of fear and to avoid getting fired. Tinsley has a thing for Nathan, which only adds to the complication.

Season 2 comes to a close with a flurry of unanswered questions and a few tantalizing hints.

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