The Ups and Downs of Wendy Williams Health and Personal Life

Wendy Williams has been a media darling for years, and it’s not only because of her frank opinions and on-air fights with A-list guests.

Wendy Williams Health

After being known as “New York’s Shock Jockette” on the radio, the talk show presenter has had to deal with several health and personal issues. At the beginning of her career, she struggled with cocaine addiction for ten years. More recently, she has dealt with Graves’ illness, hyperthyroidism, and other health issues.

Williams’s marriage is another source of conversation (no pun intended). She has gone through a lot, including years of rumors that her ex-husband Kevin Hunter was leading a second life and cheating on her. Williams filed for divorce after the television producer had a child with another woman in March 2019. The divorce between the two was finalized in January 2020. Williams revealed the current status of her relationship with Hunter the following year, telling Extra, “He calls from time to time.”

But I don’t hide his number because he’s the dad of my kid Kevin Jr. Wendy Williams: The Movie, a biography about Williams that premiered on Lifetime in January 2021, detailing the ups and downs of Williams’ relationship with her ex-husband. The film was complemented with a documentary simply titled “Wendy Williams: What a Mess.” The former Masked Singer said the two movies were a “breakup effort” when talking to the Los Angeles Times about them.

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In January of that year 2021, she revealed, “I’m 56 years old. My ex-husband is not going to be destroyed by my split plan. I’m glad I got to know him. We began to feel a strong attraction to one another almost immediately. What a journey it’s been for us… Neither my marriage to him nor my decision to divorce him has left me with any regrets. The New Jersey native insisted at the time that despite the supposed scandals, she had “outgrown” the relationship. That’s about as good of a description as I can give it,” she remarked. And instead of resisting adulthood, I’ve embraced it.

Williams insisted that both films be honest and reveal everything about her life, even the painful aspects. The audience received a deeper insight into her difficulties with substance misuse and learned that she is a survivor of sexual assault. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant had two miscarriages before giving birth to her son in 2000, but she said she received “endless calls” of sympathy.

To the newspaper, she said, “You’d be astonished how many people opened up and said, ‘Oh my god, Wendy, that happened to me.'” People would approach me on the streets, and I’d have to explain what was going on. I found great comfort in knowing that my tragedy was easing the pain of others and making them feel “less-than-female” or “less-than-embarrassed.”

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