Who is Wendy Williams? What is the Net Worth of Wendy Williams in 2022?

Wendy Williams Net Worth: Wendy Williams is an American businesswoman, actor, and TV host from New Jersey. Her net worth is $40 million. Wendy is best known for being the host of The Wendy Williams Show, a highly-rated talk show on TV.

She started hosting this popular show in 2008, which brought her a lot of attention across the country until 2021, when the show ended. Before she had her well-known talk show, she was a popular radio DJ known as a “Shock Jockette.” Wendy established herself as one of the broadcasters and also gained popularity as an actress as well. She rose to fame in 2006 starring in the 2006 hit reality TV show The Wendy Williams Experience. She has published a number of books and starred in different acting projects.

Wendy made a name for herself in almost every job she did, including as a TV personality, host, radio star, and book author. She also appeared in movies and TV shows and toured with her own comedy shows. Wendy is also a well-known businesswoman who has added a jewellery collection, a fashion line, and a wig line to her business. Wendy was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

Wendy Williams Early Life

She was born Wendy Joan Williams in Ocean Township, New Jersey, on July 18, 1964. She is her parents Thomas Dwayne and Shirley’s second child. Both of her parents were teachers. They were both very smart and had three master’s degrees. They also went all over the world.

Williams’s father and mother moved to higher-class Suburbs around ten years later and Wendy was quite the hyperactive kid. She has even been prescribed medication. The family moved to Ocean Township, NJ when Wendy was just 5 years old. Williams was one of the few African Americans in her high school and often faced a lot of discrimination. She later went to North Eastern University in Boston in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a television anchor.

Wendy learned about radio communications to make sure she establishes her career faster and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. She had a minor in Journalism. Wendy became a DJ for the radio station WRBB in college and interviewed LL Cool J first.

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Wendy Williams Net Worth

Wendy Williams’ net worth is predicted to be over $40 million as of 2022, with an annual salary of around $10 million. Wendy shot 180 episodes a few years ago, which meant she was paid $55,000 for every episode. It’s no surprise she can afford a gorgeous and pricey apartment in the United States.

Williams has done well for herself and has amassed a sizable fortune as a result of her successful hosting career. Her primary source of income is the entertainment industry, and she has appeared in numerous shows throughout her career.

Wendy Williams Net Worth

Wendy Williams Career

William began her job as a disc jockey two weeks after graduating. She started working for the small calypso and reggae station WVIS in Frederiksted, US Virgin Islands. She mentioned that she learnt as much as she expected but was paid much less and had terrible working hours.

Wendy’s radio presence was so impressive that she went on to become a great radio personality where she gossiped about celebrities such as actors and rappers, and gave criticism as well as all the dirt on celebrities.

Williams landed the Golden Hour evening spot and went on to become New York City’s highest-rated host, with everyone tuning in to her hit shows. Wendy received a Billboard Radio Award for Radio Air Personality of the Year. She was well-known for co-hosting music shows.

Wendy was fired in the middle and hired by Power 99 FM, and her life partner handled her deals as an agent at the time. She used to get personal on the show, discussing miscarriages, breast enhancement surgeries, and drug addictions. The station’s ratings rose from 14th to 4th place. Her show was labeled as introspective with a snarky undertone. She left the show in 2009 to focus on her television show and spend more time with her family.

Wendy has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. During the summer of 2008, she debuted her daytime talk show, The Windy Williams Show, in four different cities. The show averages more than 2.4 million daily viewers, with Wendy alternating daily as the number one female host on daytime television with Ellen Degeneres.

In addition, in 2011, William presented the game show Love Triangle, for which she and her husband Kevin Hunter served as executive producers. Wendy Williams Productions, a reality television production company founded by Williams and her husband manager Kevin, was revealed in 2013. The company plans to release unscripted true material such as reality TV and game programs.

Williams had not missed an episode of her talk show since February 2018, when she took a one-week hiatus. However, in early 2018, she revealed that her show would go on hiatus for three weeks owing to difficulties with hyperthyroidism and a serious condition.

Wendy Williams Personal Life

Williams’s first husband was Bert Girigorie but the couple separated after 5 months and divorced about 18 months later.  Wendy married her second husband Kevin Hunter in 1999. The actress suffered two miscarriages before giving birth to their son named Kevin Samuel in 2002. In April 2009, Wendy filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized in January 2020. Her religious beliefs are that of a Staunch Christian and she doesn’t regularly go to church. But she pays many times a day.

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