What Alton Brown Actually Consumes!

When Good Eats debuted on Food Network in 1999, Alton Brown had no idea that it would mark the beginning of a decades-long career in food television. After 14 seasons of Good Eats, Brown canceled the show, but he plans to revive it in 2018 with a relaunch named Return of the Eats. He has also served as the play-by-play announcer on Iron Chef America, the host of The Next Iron Chef, the host of Feasting on Asphalt, and, as of 2018, the host of the hilarious food competition show Cutthroat Kitchen.

Brown has devoted his life to cooking. But what foods does he consume? It turns out that he appreciates everything from quinoa to vintage cocktails. Learn what everyone’s favorite television food science enthusiast munches on when hunger strikes by reading on.

He enjoys the weirdest ice cream flavor

You would assume that when a chef cooks at home, they would create more gourmet dishes than the rest of us, but when Alton Brown is left to his own devices, he gets a little crazy. To illustrate His favorite ice cream recipe. Brown eschews vanilla beans, browned butter, and chocolate from unusual sources in favor of more intriguing flavors. According to one interview, his favorite ice cream involves gin, Welch’s grape juice, gummy bears, and prunes, and was created with his daughter.

The key to the combination’s success is twofold. First, the gin is required to impart a floral, herbal flavor and to prevent the drink from being excessively sweet. However, if you add too much, your ice cream will not freeze to the proper consistency. Second? Get rid of the green gummy bears. According to Brown, they “completely derailed everything, and I have no idea why.” Save these for a day when you are not in the mood for ice cream.

He (Begrudgingly) Eats Quinoa

Brown makes his living as a chef, which means he spends a considerable amount of time eating. But he realized that all of this eating, particularly when he featured less nutritious dishes on his show, was catching up with him. Because of this, he began consuming healthful meals such as quinoa. Ever the chef, he underlines that he does not consume quinoa simply because it is healthy; he also ensures that it tastes nice. These days, his cookbooks include recipes for excellent quinoa.

Although he has been consuming more of these entire foods, he prefers to maintain a balanced diet. “There are things I would consider healthy, and then there are things that, if you eat them every day, will cause you to have a heart attack before you age 40,” he explained. Thus, he can enjoy the best of both worlds by mixing his diet with quinoa-heavy days and days filled with more indulgent meals.

Sardine and Avocado Sandwiches Helped Him Lose Weight

Another one of Brown’s weight reduction meals may sound unusual to seafood-averse individuals, but it is full of heart-healthy fats and protein. On his diet, Brown attempted to consume oily fish and avocados three times per week, so he devised a sandwich that would eliminate two birds with one stone. Indeed, we’re discussing sardines and avocado.

Now, not everyone will be delighted by Brown’s creation, but if you are interested, the explanation is as follows. Find canned sardines from Norway or Scotland that are prepared from brislings (one of the several species of fish marketed as sardines). Brislings are somewhat sweeter and less pungent than other types of sardines. Add zesty sherry vinegar, parsley, and lemon zest dressing. Brown confidently proclaims that toasting sourdough bread, mashing an avocado, and topping it with the sardine mixture constitutes a meal suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

 Alton Brown Really Eats

He’s a Bit Obsessive About His Favorite Donut Shop

Brown has stated publicly that Memphis, Tennessee is his favorite cuisine city in the United States. Even while he waxes poetic about the city’s fried chicken and burgers, these are not what pulls him back again and again. His favorite dish in all of Memphis is Gibson’s donuts, which he claims are the best in the city, the country, and possibly the world.

Gibson’s was founded in 1967, and their donuts are still prepared by hand daily. It would be a pity to miss out on some of their more exotic selections, such as pina colada cake donuts, even though you may choose a classic plain glazed donut. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except Christmas, when they close for the day. The next time you are in Memphis, you must see why this doughnut business is Brown’s favorite of all time.

He Prefers Classic Cocktails

Brown is a straightforward kind of guy, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that when he’s ready to kick back and relax at the end of a long day, he goes for something simple and classic, not a blended fruit drink or some modernist cocktail creation.

Brown likes the same two drinks over and over. If he wants to test out a new place and see how good the bartender is, he’ll order an Old Fashioned. Even though it’s a simple drink (just sugar, bourbon, rye whiskey, and bitters), making one that tastes just right takes a lot of practice.

He has also said that his favorite drink is the Boulevardier, which he says is a Negroni with bourbon instead of gin. He sometimes adds vermouth and whatever bitters he’s into at the time to the classic cocktail Boulevardier to make his signature drink, Brown’s Bitter Truth.

Last but not least, when asked what drink he would order in heaven, Brown says he would order a classic martini. “I would start with a martini because the way they make that martini would tell me how my time in Heaven will go.”

His Favorite Food to Eat Is Fried Chicken

Brown has eaten food from all over the world, but his favorite food is always fried chicken. He says that Memphis, Tennessee, has some of the best-fried chicken in the country, but Brown can make it just as well. He even spent an entire episode of Good Eats showing people how to make the best-fried chicken at home.

He Loves Biscuits, of Course

Brown was born in Los Angeles, which may have been a sign of his future fame. However, he grew up in a small town in rural Georgia until he was 7 years old and went to college there after high school. As a Southerner, he loves biscuits, which is not a secret. He posted pictures of fluffy skillet biscuits on Instagram, and on his, Good Eats episode “The Dough Also Rises,” he had his grandmother give the audience her best biscuit tips.

Brown asserts that imitating his grandmother’s arthritic hand movements resulted in lighter, fluffier cookies; the bending of her fingers worked the dough less, resulting in lighter, fluffier biscuits (mixing the dough with a light touch helps avoid the development of gluten, which is what can make baked goods tough). Use a Southern flour (such as White Lily) that is purposefully prepared with lower-protein wheat than standard all-purpose flour (though in a pinch, you can use a blend of all-purpose flour and cake flour). This will produce the light, airy biscuits you’ve been craving.

His Favorite Thing to Cook Is Eggs

Although Brown enjoys eating fried chicken, it is not his favorite dish to prepare (albeit it is nearly related!). Eggs are his favorite dish to prepare in the kitchen. “Perfect omelets continue to bring me incredible joy,” Brown said in an interview with Spoon University.

Many chefs claim that how you cook eggs can say a lot about your skills as a chef — as with making a simple Old Fashioned, crafting a perfect omelet takes few ingredients but lots of precise technique. Brown has a few tips and tricks up his sleeve to churn out perfect omelets every time. For one, you should use a fork instead of a whisk on your eggs, because incorporating too much air can make your omelet take too long to cook. Next, soak your un-cracked eggs in hot water before cooking to bring them up in temperature, which will help them cook faster. As for seasoning? When cooked perfectly, all an omelet needs is a sprinkle of salt to be satisfying.

Purple Smoothies Are a Daily Occurrence

Alton Brown made headlines a few years back when he lost 50 pounds in a relatively short period. Instead of playing subtle about his weight reduction, Brown devoted an entire episode of Good Eats to discussing his dietary changes and sharing his favorite recipes. So to say, the foundation of his diet was to consume all the colors of the rainbow. “I attempted to create a system for things I needed to consume as opposed to things I shouldn’t eat,” he added, stating that adding particular colored items to his diet was a more effective technique than eliminating entire food groups or focusing on restrictive eating.

He Loves Hummus

Alton Brown loves hummus because, according to him, you can eat it with everything. He is correct. Especially if you’re attempting to consume more healthful foods, switching your typical dips with hummus can make a significant difference. Brown’s recipe features two versions. In one recipe, chickpeas are cooked from scratch, which is labor-intensive but yields a superior spread, while in the other, canned chickpeas are used to create a super-fast, still-delicious alternative. Make a large batch of the food to store in the refrigerator and you’ll be eating like Brown all week.

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