How many years did Sebastian Janikowski play in the NFL?

A professional football player from Poland who now resides in the United States, Sebastian Janikowski has a $14 million fortune. In March of 1978, Sebastian Janikowski entered the world in Walbrzych, Poland. He kicked for Poland’s U-17 national soccer team and was named a USA Today High School All-American while attending Daytona Breeze Seabreeze.

At Florida State University, where he played college football, Janikowski was a Consensus All-American in 1998 and 1999 and won the Lou Groza Award both years. In the 2000 National Football League Draft, the Oakland Raiders selected him with the seventeenth overall pick. As far as we know, Janikowski has spent his entire professional career with the Raiders.

Two extensions were signed by him: the first was for $5 million over five years in 2004 and the second was for $4 million over four years in 2010 at a total of $16 million. In 2013, Janikowski inked a new $4-year contract worth $19 million. In 2002, he led his team to the AFC Championship, and in 2011, he was named to the Pro Bowl and to the second team of the league’s all-stars. For the Oakland Raiders, Janikowski is the all-time leader in points and he also holds several NFL records for longest field goals.

Sebastian Janikowski’s Family and Early Life

The world opened its eyes to Sebastian Janikowski on March 2, 1978, in Wabrzych, Poland. This individual’s full name is Sebastian Pawe Janikowski. One of his nicknames is Seabass. Henryk Janikowski Sr. and Halina Janikowski are his parents. Earlier in his life, his father played soccer at the highest level.

Profession: Football Player
Full Name: Sebastian Paweł Janikowski
Nickname: Seabass
Mother Name: Halina Janikowski
Father Name: Henryk Janikowski(Soccer Player)
Position: Placekicker
Nationality: American
Achievement: Second-team All-Pro, Lou Groza Award, Consensus All-American.
Date of Birth: March 2, 1978
Birthplace: Wałbrzych, Poland, USA
College Education: Florida State University
Wife/Girlfriend: Lori Janikowski
Height: 6 ft. 1 inches
Weight: 115 kg
Current Age: 43 years
Jersey Number: 11.

School and College Education

What Is Sebastian Janikowski Net Worth
What Is Sebastian Janikowski Net Worth

He kicked off his illustrious football career at Daytona Beach, Florida’s Seabreeze High School. For his high school achievements, he was named to the 1996 All-American team. He played football for the Florida State Seminoles while attending college in Tallahassee. Here he was representing his college football team, the Florida State Seminoles. He was honoured with the Lou Groza Award and several others during his time at college.

Sebastian Janikowski’s draft and contract history

Sebastian Janikowski maintained his initial footing in the NFL from 2000 until his retirement in 2018. He played for the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks over a combined 19 seasons. The Oakland Raiders selected him in the first round, spot seventeen, of the 2000 NFL Draft. Until 2017, he was a member of this team. Seattle Seahawks were his final NFL squad.

In 2018, he was a part of this squad. His career NFL stats include 436 field goals out of 542, an 80.4 field goal percentage, a 63-yard long, and 446 touchbacks. Janikowski announced his retirement from the NFL on April 28, 2019, after a long and successful career. When he retired, he had scored 1,799 points for the Raiders, making him their all-time top scorer.

Success and Recognition 

The successes, honours, and trophies that Sebastian Janikowski has earned are displayed on his office wall. In 2011, he was named to the All-Pro second team. In 2011, he was selected to participate in the Pro Bowl. When his team won the BCS title in 2000, he was held up as a hero. In 1998 and 1999, he won the Lou Groza Award both times. His 1998 and 1999 seasons were both recognised as Consensus All-American campaigns.

Sebastian Janikowski’s Wife and Child  

When it comes to his personal life, Sebastian Janikowski is a happily married man. This famous athlete is currently wed to Lori Janikowski. Since 2013, they’ve been an item. He and she had a contract signed in 2008. Mila Janikowski and Vi Janikowski are their children.

Height and Weight

Sebastian Janikowski is a tall and lean 6’1” and 255 pounds. This well-known expert has turned 43 years old. He spent his whole professional football career as a Placekicker, running after the ball on the field. He ended up being really helpful to his colleagues in this role. The successful outcome demonstrated there was no need to go elsewhere. By taking this position on the field, he was able to help his team beat the opposition and also benefit from their victory.

He wore number 11 on the field when he played football. He wore this jersey throughout his entire professional career. It eventually became a professional pseudonym for him. When he wore this signature number on the football field, everyone saw him. Among his devoted following, it remains a classic song.

What is Sebastian Janikowski’s Net Worth in 2022?

This wealthy former professional athlete’s net worth is $14 million. With his football career on the rise, he set his sights on becoming a multi-millionaire. With the money he made as a professional football player, he was able to buy the vast majority of his expensive possessions. After he stopped working, he still made a good living.

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