Where Does Braydon Price Live: What is His Net Worth?

Braydon Price is a well-known YouTuber, and he has served as an inspiration to many. As far as making videos on nature goes, he has no competition on YouTube. If you share Braydon’s passion for motorcycles and extreme adventures, you should check out his moto-vlogs and vlogs.

Where Does Braydon Price Live

Residency of Braydon Price

Currently, Braydon Price lives in North Carolina in the United States. Since his formative years were spent in the Tar Heel State, he is a naturalized American citizen. Many people wonder where he lives given how frequently he seems to change residences.

With Whom Braydon Price is in a Relationship?

Braydon, a popular YouTuber in 2019, posted a video in which he and his girlfriend Maddie were seen kissing. The YouTuber has never mentioned his girlfriend in any of his videos before. He filmed the entire thing with his girlfriend Maddie, hence the video was called girlfriend. Finds outrageous things in the woods.

His girlfriend also appears in a video of his from 2020 in which she and he ride an RZR. Braydon is silent about his romantic life. When the topic turns to his girlfriend Maddie, he always remains silent. Therefore, we have no clue as to how or when the couple met.

Braydon Price’s Net Worth?

Famous YouTuber Braydon has a net worth of $1.5 million. Through his channel on YouTube, he has been able to generate a substantial income. He uploads two or three videos to his channel every week, and his viewers have seen them over 330 million times.

Multiple sources claim that he makes $1700 each day from the advertisements on his films, which have an average of 330,000 daily views. By selling his wares, such as hoodies, phone covers, stickers, and so on, he brings in a substantial income as well.

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Braydon Price’s Age

Braydon is currently 20 years old. It’s surprising to learn that he is so young, given his record of success. Since he entered the world on August 24, 2000, Virgo is his zodiac sign.

He also doesn’t know who his parents are. However, Braydon has lately published a piece celebrating his father on the occasion of Father’s Day. While walking around with his dad, Braydon took a selfie and wrote, “Happy Father’s Day, everyone!” To see my dad and I SMASH some MONSTER CARP, check out the video! It’s now “LIVE,” as the linguists say. Indeed, that was the only time any member of his family was addressed.

House of Braydon Price

Braydon made his first large purchase, a house, in February 2021, and he gave the world a tour of it via YouTube. He shows off his mansion and huge pool on 1.5 acres of land in the video. He plans to rent out the house for the following fifteen years after using it for work for a year or two.

Among the many amenities, he lists in the video are the property’s spacious yard, three bedrooms, two baths, two-car and three-car garages close to the main level, and more. A few of his followers have requested that he show them around his new place, and he intends to comply.

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