Who is Ann Lesley Smith: Inside the Life of Rupert Murdoch’s New Fiancée

The fifth time will be the charm for media billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who is about to get married. The 92-year-old man revealed to one of the magazines that are part of the media empire, the New York Post, that he has proposed to Ann Lesley Smith and that they will be getting married over the course of the summer.

According to the 92-year-old man’s account to the gossip writer Cindy Adams, he first met Ann in September of this year in Bel Air, California, while she was visiting his vineyard. Murdoch has stated that he “dreaded falling in love” once more due to the fact that each of his four prior marriages ended in a highly publicized divorce. Yet, he acknowledges that this will be the “final” marriage of his life.

As word got out that Murdoch was getting engaged, everyone became curious about the woman in his life who had managed to persuade him to get into yet another marriage.

Ann Lesley Smith is a retired police chaplain who was previously married to the late country music superstar Chester Smith. Ann and Chester Smith had three children together. In addition to having worked as a dental hygienist, model, and vocalist in the past, she is now a journalist.

The 66-year-old woman’s husband, who had been 78 years old when he died of a heart attack in 2008, predeceased her. Yet before she married Smith, Ann’s love life was full of ups and downs, including a marriage that was brutal.

Who is Ann Lesley Smith
Who is Ann Lesley Smith

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Ann Lesley Smith’s First Marriage

John B. Huntington was a prominent attorney and a member of the Huntington family, which is recognized as one of the most prominent families in the history of California’s railroad industry. Ann Lesley Smith was formerly married to him. Her life took an unexpected turn, and she moved from working as a dental hygienist to moving in with a family that was regarded to be of “royal” blood. Ann Lesley was just 28 years old when she wed John, who was 47 at the time.

She said that as Huntington’s wife, she spent $65,000 each month on clothes alone, even though she had graduated from Idaho State University. “When the sun was up, everything in my life was just a lot of joy. According to what Ann Lesley said to the Christian Broadcasting Network, “John was into cars, and we had a stable full of every sort — exotic Ferraris and everything else” (CBN).

She was modeling for renowned fashion designers while also going shopping, riding horses, and volunteering for charitable organizations. She once remarked that John “become a different person” when he had a few drinks in the evening, in contrast to how he behaved throughout the day.

When asked about her romantic involvement with John, Ann once revealed to CBN that John frequently resorted to verbal and physical abuse towards her. Ann was very candid about her husband’s drinking problems and how those issues caused him to experience fury.

Ann shared with the publication that she had been subjected to “physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse” at the hands of her ex-partner.

Ann Lesley was left with extra challenges as a result of the prenuptial agreement after the marriage terminated in divorce. She had nowhere to live, was dependent on welfare, and even entertained thoughts of ending her life. She expressed her desire to end her life by stating, “I really wanted to commit suicide because my life was just so bad.”

Ann Lesley Smith Early Life

After that, Ann resumed her career as a model while also taking on several odd jobs. The coordinator of the event then observed how difficult things were for her and advised her that Jesus could assist her. She began reading “The Four Spiritual Laws,” and then she did all that was recommended in the book.

Later on, she became a volunteer police chaplain, which is how she met her future husband, Chester Smith, who was also brought up in a Christian home. In 1963, he became the proprietor of the first radio station in the Modesto area of California to play country music. After that, Ann Lesley established a career as a radio broadcaster and appeared to have a contented marriage to Smith. Also, the duo came out with a joint album under the name “Captured By Love.”

After he passed away, Ann remained in Modesto, and she now resides on the ranch she owns in the more northern part of California. Ann Lesley was referred to as Chester’s “beloved wife” in the deceased’s obituary. She was a journalist and a radio personality in the San Francisco Bay Area during the course of her career. Even the airtime on the iHeartRadio station Power Talk 1360 that she purchased herself was her own expense.

Murdoch and Ann Lesley Smith

Ann Lesley and Murdoch first made eye contact at his Moraga vineyard in Bel Air, California, in September of last year. The connection between them is something she considers “a gift from God.”

“I’ve been a widow for fourteen years. My husband was also successful in business, just like Rupert. Developed radio and television stations, worked for local newspapers, and assisted in the promotion of Univision. So it seems that I can communicate with Rupert. She revealed that both of us hold the same beliefs.

The wedding is scheduled to take place during the summer of this year, and Murdoch hopes that it will be his final one. On Saint Patrick’s Day in New York, Murdoch, who describes himself as being “one-fourth Irish,” popped the question to Ann Lesley with an Asscher-cut diamond solitaire.

In the grand scheme of things, this is hardly my first rodeo. Coming close to the age of 70 indicates entering the final half of life. I waited till it was the appropriate time. Friends are thrilled for me.”

Even though they have only just made their relationship public, rumors had been widespread for some time that the two were dating. The fact that they have finally confirmed their relationship simply adds fuel to the fire. Throughout the month of January, Murdoch was observed in Barbados with Ann Lesley.

Patricia Booker, a flight attendant, was the spouse of Murdoch’s first marriage, which took place in 1956 and ended in divorce in 1967. After that, he wed the journalist Anna Maria Torv, and he and his wife remained together for more than three decades till they ultimately divorced in 1999. In the same year, he tied the knot with Wendi Deng, an entrepreneur who was born in China but raised in the United States. The marriage lasted for a total of 14 years.

Jerry Hall, an American model, and actress was the final person that Rupert Murdoch dated before they were married in 2016. In August of the previous year, the couple finalized their divorce.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Ann Lesley Smith ex husband?

It was a gift from God, Smith, whose late husband was country musician Chester Smith, said of her meeting Murdoch in September. "I've been a widow for 14 years," Smith revealed.

Who is Rupert Murdoch engaged to now?

A representative for Fox Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch revealed that he is engaged to Ann Lesley Smith, a former chaplain for the San Francisco Police Department. This will be Murdoch, now 92 years old, fifth marriage.

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