Who Is Bobby Flay Dating In 2022? Learn Everything About His New Girlfriend!

Robert William Flay, who is professionally known as Bobby Flay, is a famous American celebrity chef, reality television personality, and restaurateur. The millionaire celebrity chef has achieved considerable success in his professional career but has faced numerous relationship failures. Meet All Bobby Flay Wives.

Who is Bobby Flay Dating?

Chef Bobby Flay of Food Network has found his perfect match! In late 2020, the Beat Bobby Flay celebrity was presented to his girlfriend, Christina Pérez. The couple has now made their love public and shared adorable social media posts about their romance.

Christina is the senior content manager and creative director at Miss Grass, a firm that sells THC and CBD products. She has previously written for Vogue, Condé Nast, GQ, Architectural Digest, Glamour, and other publications, according to the company’s website. The Wisconsin native studied fashion illustration and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Who is Bobby Flay Dating

Christina worked as a model all around the world, from Japan to Italy, in addition to being a writer and running the company. Bobby was introduced to her by mutual friends, and the two clicked right away. They will compete together at the Breeders’ Cup World Championship in November 2021. His horse, Pizza Bianca, finished first in the event.

“Winning a Breeders’ Cup Race is clearly a dream come true, but to be able to share it with your family, my daughter, my girlfriend, and my business partner,” Bobby told reporters after the race. “All the people I love so dearly are here today to support me and Pizza Bianca.”

The Boy Meets Grill star had been married three times before meeting Christina. Bobby married chef Debra Ponzek in 1991. After two years, the couple divorced. He and his second wife, Kate Connelly, had one child, a girl named Sophie, during their marriage, which lasted from 1995 to 1998.

In 2005, he married actress Stephanie March, and they separated a decade later. After meeting Christina, the television star, who was previously linked to Heléne Yorke in 2019, has an entirely new view on love.

“She is really stunning. “I’m really delighted to have met her,” Bobby told People in December 2021. Because my life is so crazy, she is always the light at the end of the tunnel for me.



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Christina helped her partner prepare one of her favorite family recipes, Empanada Asturiana, during that month. She chronicled the culinary experience on Instagram Stories. Bobby’s cooking techniques and dishes have been greatly influenced by the brunette’s beauty since their first meeting.

“I might make Puerto Rican food on Christmas Day,” he said at the time. “She is half Puerto Rican, and I enjoy the flavors and delicacies of that culture, so I want her to feel represented at Christmas.”

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