Who Is Bryce Harper Wife? To Know About Her Early Life, Soccer and More

No other country can match the American extremes when it comes to sports. Everything during the Super Bowl halftime show, and beyond, is massive and spectacular. Baseball, too, enjoys a lot of acclaim among sports fans. One of the influential figures in the life of a famous MLB player will be discussed today. Yes, Bryce Harper and Kayla Varner are the couples in question. Baseball player, Bryce Harper’s better half is Kayla Varner, formerly Kayla Harper. He is currently employed by the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball.

Who Is Bryce Harper Wife

How Old Is Bryce Harper? What are Her Stats?

Kayla is in a league of her own when it comes to strength and endurance because she has spent so many years training and competing on the field. She still maintains a fit body that other ladies covet. Varner, for the record, is 168 cm tall and weighs about 60 kg (132 lbs). Her measurements of 34-24-35 indicate that she has an hourglass form. Kayla also boasts a beautiful set of hazel eyes and a gorgeous mane of dark brown hair.

There is no doubt that someone could be misled about her age based on appearance alone. This beautiful wife and mother of one are just in her twenties, nevertheless. Current age Kayla, who was born on November 4, 1992, is 29. In a similar vein, Varner shares the Scorpio zodiac sign. In addition, those born under this sign are renowned for their allure, mystery, and ardour.

Childhood & Early Learning

Kayla Harper was born Kayla Varner to Sean and Lizz Varner, but she is now better known as Bryce Harper’s wife. She spent most of her formative years in her native Henderson, Nevada, USA.

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The fact that she is white is also significant. Kayla is the eldest of her parents’ three children, and her younger siblings are McKay and Marcus. For the time being, we have only their names and no other information that would help us recall their history or locate them. Next, the famous couple’s wife is a smart, well-educated person who graduated from Green Valley High School and went on to study at Brigham Young University. However, Varner eventually enrolled at Ohio State. There’s also a former soccer player and athlete Kayla Varner. Many renowned people’s spouses or significant others tend to be in the background, as is common knowledge.

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In the same way, Kayla is more known as Bryce Harper’s wife than for any other accomplishments she may have achieved on her own. To be fair, though, the OSU soccer player is an athlete with equal skill. It’s a well-kept secret that young Varner was a sports superstar, in addition to being a dedicated student. Varner’s interest in the sport was sparked when she watched her mother play at a university owned by the Mormon faith. Young Kayla has been polishing her abilities ever since.

Additionally, Kayla was named the team captain of her high school’s Green Valley squad because of her extraordinary talent; under her direction, the party made it to the playoffs every year. The high school team also won two Sunrise conference crowns, three Southeast division titles, and the Nevada state championship.

Kayla was so dedicated to her favourite sport that she kept playing soccer even after starting college. As a freshman at Birgham University, young Varner appeared in 33 contests. Kayla’s penalty goal in the Sweet Sixteen match versus Maquette in the 2012 NCAA Tournament was the game-winner. Kayla was a standout on the Ohio State soccer squad and started 20 games by the season’s end. She also contributed to the team’s success by contributing two goals and five assists.

Where did Bryce Harper meet his wife? Is Kayla Varner a mom?

Kayla Varner is Bryce Harper’s wife, which is common knowledge at this point. She has become a favourite of many baseball fans and is recognised by all but the most oblivious. When she and Bryce are discussed, many people have questions about how they met. To what extent is this true for you? For starters, Bryce and Kayla are from the same state and even the same neighbourhood, so they’ve known one other since they were kids. They spent a lot of time together as children, and eventually, feelings developed. Also, Bryce and Kayla began dating in 2012 and got engaged two years later.

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A couple’s life isn’t a bed of roses; it requires sacrifice and getting through tough times. Few people know that this newlywed couple split up a few months before their January 2015 wedding.

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