Who is Eliza Fletcher? Memphis Teacher Who Got Kidnapped

Eliza Fletcher, a missing teacher from Memphis, hails from a prominent Tennessee family that built a $3.2 billion private hardware business and is well-known in the area.

Fletcher, 34, went missing on September 2, 2022, after being forcibly kidnapped while out for a morning exercise. Although Cleotha Abston was charged on September 4, 2022, with particularly severe kidnapping and tampering with evidence, his motivation is still unknown, and Fletcher hasn’t been found.

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Who is Eliza Fletcher

How Did the Kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher Take Place?

Around 4:20 a.m., Fletcher was reportedly pushed into an SUV while out for her routine early-morning exercise. After a brief fight, a man approached her and forced her into the car. She was reported missing after she failed to arrive home. According to the Police, the woman’s phone and water bottle were found with her in front of a university-owned home. Fletcher’s whereabouts are still being sought after by police and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. A pink jogging top was what Fletcher was sporting when she was kidnapped.

A $50,000 reward is offered to anyone who can provide more light on the incident.

Kidnapper of Eliza Fletcher: Cleotha Abston

Before Fletcher went missing, Abston’s surveillance footage captured him sporting the slides. Police were able to ping his phone to confirm that it was in the approximate region at the time of the kidnapping after discovering his phone number. They found the SUV used to abduct Fletcher when they got to his house. When he noticed authorities, Abston attempted to flee, but U.S. Marshals were able to catch him. Following the kidnapping on Friday, he was detained on Sunday. Police questioned a witness who claimed Abston was acting strangely and cleaning the interior of his SUV while also washing his clothes in the sink. Abston won’t reveal Fletcher’s location. She has not been found. After the kidnapping, Abston may have been attempting to hide the blood, so police think Fletcher was seriously hurt.

He recently received his 20-year sentence for committing a similar act in 2000. Abston was accused of kidnapping Kemper Durand, a Memphis lawyer, back in 2000. On Beale Street in Memphis on May 25, 2000, Abston approached from behind and robbed Durand before shoving him into the trunk of his car. Before making him use an ATM, Abston drove around with him in the car. Durand saw a housing authority officer near the ATM and called for assistance, leading Abston to flee.

Eliza Fletcher’s Biography

Fletcher, a teacher of 34 years, married into a prominent Memphis family. Fletcher is wed to Richard Fletcher III, and they have two kids. In 2021, she was a junior kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, according to her employment record. She has experience working at Promise Academy in Nashville, coaching and teaching kindergarten. Her Tennessee ancestors founded a $3.2 billion privately held hardware business well-known throughout the city. More than 5,500 people are employed by Orgill Inc., run by Fletcher’s grandpa, Joseph Orgill III.

Real Name  Eliza Fletcher
Nick Name  Liza Fletcher
Date of Birth  1987
Place of birth  Memphis, Tennessee
Age 34 Years
Profession  Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Nationality American
Weight 72 kg
Height 5 feet 6 inches 
Mother’s Name  Adele Wellford
Father’s Name  Beasley Wellford
Marital Status  Married
Husband’s Name  Richie Fletcher
Child 2
Instagram lizawfletcher


Eliza Fletcher: Career

Fletcher decided against entering the business world and pursued a new career. She earned her undergraduate degree from the all-girls Hutchison School in Memphis, a master’s degree in teaching from Belmont University with a focus on elementary education, and a degree in exercise and sports science from Baylor University. She is currently a dedicated and loving teacher.

She started as a Kindergarten teacher and soccer coach at Promise Academy in Nashville. By 2021, Fletcher moved on to teach at St. Mary’s Episcopal School. Reportedly, she got to know each of her students well and made learning exciting for them by recognizing their small and significant accomplishments in the classroom. The news has upset every pupil, and they all hope their teacher is safe and will be back soon. Fletcher has been an avid runner her entire life; in 2019, she took part in the St. Jude marathon and completed it quickly enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, the most prestigious race in the world.

Who is the Husband of Eliza Fletcher?

Richard “Richie” Fletcher and Eliza Fletcher have been married for eight years; they exchanged vows at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens on Park Avenue on March 8, 2014; they currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee, with their two sons.

Richard has posted a photo of them together on Facebook to commemorate each occasion. It will be a photo of the family on vacation or a lovely date with a charming caption; they were a content family before this horrific event. They share a deep and abiding faith in Christ, and their family has been a member of the Second Presbyterian Church.

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