Who is Harriet Hageman? Is She Beat Liz Cheney for Wyoming Governor?

Harriet Hageman is an attorney and politician in the United States. She decided to run for the Wyomingite congressional seat a few years ago. She was a former member of the Republican National Committee and a 2018 contender for Wyoming governor. This time, though, she wished to return her bravery to the government.

Harriet Hageman Biography

She was born and raised in Fort Laramie, Wyoming, on a small ranch just outside of town. But we can tell from her pictures that she is probably in her 50s.

She got a Livestock Judging Scholarship and went to Casper College, where she got her degree in 1983. Harriet got her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the year 1986. She went to school and got a degree at the University of Wyoming. She got her law degree from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 1989.

Harriet Hageman Ethnicity

Harriet Hageman was born in Fort Laramie, Wyoming, and nothing is known about her ethnic background. She finishes school and gets a diploma. She is a talented person. She has done a lot of different things in her life. She has a party on her birthday every year.

She began her work when she was young. Since she was young, she has been interested in modeling and performing. She is a talented person. Harriet Hageman Wiki is an American politician who lives in Wyoming. She works in the business of making TV shows. Fort Laramie, Wyoming, USA, is where she grew up.

Harriet Hageman Family

Harriet’s father is James Clay and her mother is Marion Hageman (mother). Harriet was raised by her family on a small ranch near Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

Who is Harriet Hageman

Harriet’s dad was in the U.S. Army, and he was stationed in Germany. On May 19, 1956, her parents said “I do” to each other. He set up a ranch in their hometown of Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

John Sundal is married to Harriet Hageman, which means that he could be her husband. John used to work at Sundahl Powers Kapp And Martiin, LLC. He is an attorney.

Harriet Hageman Career

Harriet’s first job was as a secretary for Judge James E. Barrett. James E. Barrett is a judge for the Tenth Circuit of the United States District Court. Harriet is working as a licensed person at the legal company right now.

Harriet has worked on many glasses of water and natural resource issues, such as the defense of Wyoming’s Open Range Act, the protection of grazing rights on BLM and private land, Nebraska vs. Wyoming, the “roadless litigation,” challenges to the Fish and Wildlife Service’s management and recovery of the Canadian grey wolf and other species, and more.

She says that she is a member of many irrigation districts around the state, bringing up issues like irrigation and how land is used and how it can be changed.

Harriet Hageman’s Net worth

According to estimates, Harriet has a net worth of approximately $1 million, which she has earned throughout her career.

Is she beat Liz Cheney for Wyoming governor?

Harriet Hageman Announces Run

On September 9, Hageman said she would run against Cheney for the House seat in Wyoming. Other Republicans criticized Cheney for speaking out against Trump’s role in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, and he was one of ten Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Trump.

Hageman said in a statement before her public announcement, “The people of Wyoming deserve leaders who reflect their beliefs and values, but Liz Cheney lied to us because of her personal feud with President Trump, who won Wyoming by big margins both times.”

Business Insider says that in a debate against Cheney on June 30, Hageman agreed with Trump’s untrue claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

Update on the Hageman primary: Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is likely to lose her Wyoming primary. Here is how she wants to win a bigger prize.

Donald Trump’s Support

Trump also supported Hageman on September 9.

Trump said in a statement, “Harriet is all in for America First.” He called Cheney a “RINO” (which stands for “Republican in Name Only”) and the “Democrats‘ number one sound bite generator.”

Will any Republicans still be in Congress after Trump is thrown out?

Trump liked Hageman’s views on “election integrity,” border security, crime, and gun rights.

Trump said that he looked into many Wyoming Republicans who wanted to run against Cheney and tried to get them to unite behind one candidate who could run against Cheney alone.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy backs House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. backed Hageman in February.

McCarthy told The Federalist, “After spending time with Harriet, it is clear that she will always listen to and prioritize the needs of her local communities and is committed to solving our nation’s biggest problems.” “I’m excited to work with Harriet for a long time.”

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