Who is Jan Koum? Early Life, Personal Life, Career life, And More

Who is Jan Koum

Who is Jan Koum?

Jan Koum, an American of Ukrainian descent who co-founded the messaging program WhatsApp with Brian Acton, is an internet entrepreneur. Facebook Inc. paid a whopping US$19 billion to acquire the massively popular mobile app in 2014. He is now one of the wealthiest people in the United States, having amassed a billion dollars, yet only a few years ago he was so impoverished that he had to rely on food stamps to get by. He came to the United States from Ukraine as a youngster, where he was born into a poor family. His first years were incredibly challenging in the new country, and his family had a hard time making ends meet. The disease that took the life of his mother only made things worse for the family. Jan Koum is a hard worker who put himself through high school and college by landing a position as an infrastructure engineer at Yahoo. His friendship with fellow Yahoo employee Brian Acton would lead to fruitful future collaboration. Both Koum and Acton resigned from their longtime positions at Yahoo to pursue opportunities in other social media. WhatsApp, a mobile messaging program founded by two men who had a passion for social media and went on to create the world’s most widely used messaging network, was born out of this passion.

Early and Childhood Life

On February 24, 1976, Jewish parents gave birth to their lone child, Jan Koum, in Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. His quiet life in a tiny village was shattered by the country’s unstable politics and anti-Semitism. The family chose to go to the United States to get away from the poor living conditions back home. Jan’s parents were going to join them in the United States, but they decided to go there without him in 1992. Unfortunately, his father became ill in Ukraine and was unable to go to

the United States. After a long illness, he passed away in 1997. Jan, who was 16 when she immigrated, had a hard time adjusting to life in her new nation. Jan started working as a grocery store cleaner, and his mother started babysitting to make ends meet. While still a teenager, he took an interest in computer programming and soon realized he was naturally gifted at it. By the time he graduated high school at age 18, he had taught himself everything he knew about building and maintaining computer networks. His next stop will be classes at San Jose State. So that he could afford college, he got a job as a security tester at the multinational accounting firm Ernst & Young while he was still in school.

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Career Life Of Jan Koum

Jan Kuom was tasked with vetting Yahoo’s advertising system for vulnerabilities as part of his job duties. While he was working on this, he met Brian Acton, an early employee at Yahoo. Given that they both had a straightforward approach to their profession, the two men hit it off right away. While still a student at San Jose State University, Koum joined Yahoo after a few months to work as an infrastructure engineer. A few days after he started working for Yahoo, the company experienced a systems failure, and Koum was summoned away from class to assist fix it. Eventually, Koum understood he had to decide between going to college and working for Yahoo.

Over nine years, Koum and Acton shared an office at Yahoo. They connected over a shared interest in the exciting new realm of social media and emerged from it as firm friends. Not being given the chance to experiment with social media at Yahoo, they bailed in 2007 in search of greener pastures. Koum and Acton both took a year off to backpack around South America. After returning to the United States, they each applied for a job with Facebook and Twitter, only to be turned down.

Koum updated to a brand-new iPhone in 2009. The potential of the market for iPhone-compatible applications became clear to him after he visited one of the earliest App Stores. This sparked an idea for a program that would facilitate easy, low-cost communication. After getting Acton on board, Koum officially founded WhatsApp Inc. on his birthday, February 24, 2009. They held the notion that their business would never take advertising money.

In early 2010, the two co-founded WhatsApp, a messaging app. It was difficult for the men to spread the word about the app because the early messenger kept crashing. Koum was on the edge of quitting after a few months of trying, but Acton talked him out of it. At the time, there weren’t many alternatives to WhatsApp, and its users quickly adopted it. With the app’s increasing use, the company’s creators were able to secure more funding from investors.

By February 2013, WhatsApp has amassed a user base of over 200 million. Facebook, noticing WhatsApp‘s meteoric rise in popularity, paid the US $19 billion to acquire the messaging service in 2014. With one billion users as of 2016, WhatsApp surpassed all other messaging apps in popularity.

Primary Work

WhatsApp Inc., created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, was first made available to the public in 2010. In 2016, the most widely used messaging app was the instant messaging client for smartphones. In 2014, Facebook Inc. paid around US$19 billion to purchase the company.

Personal Life

Koum is a Jew. The next time someone calls him an entrepreneur, his security will punch them in the face, according to a tweet he allegedly sent out. He doesn’t consider himself an entrepreneur since, contrary to what most business owners say, he’s not in it for the money. The state court in San Jose, California issued an injunction against Koum in February 1996. According to an ex-girlfriend, Koum verbally and physically threatened her on multiple occasions. “I am ashamed of the way I acted and ashamed that my behavior forced her to seek legal action,” Koum said regarding the restraining order in October 2014.

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