Who is Lisa Kudrow's Husband?

Do You Know Who is Lisa Kudrow’s Husband? And how they Meet!

Former friends With her husband Michel Stern, Lisa Kudrow was able to live happily ever after! In 1995, one year after she rose to popularity on the Emmy-winning series, the television star and the advertising executive were married. To meet Lisa’s hubby, scroll down.

Who is Lisa Kudrow Husband

Who is Lisa Kudrow’s Husband?

The start of Lisa and Michel’s love story is a little unusual. He was dating her roommate when they first met in the 1980s.

According to the Daily Mail, she stated, “I was living with a French girl, he had just moved here, and they were dating when we first met. I saw him, though, and thought, “Well, he’s the perfect man, and it’s all destroyed because now they’re together, and I can’t make a play for him.

Two months later, Lisa’s roommate’s romance with Michel ended. Six years later, the Comeback actress and the French businessman reconnected, and they determined their feelings went beyond simple friendship. They started dating and were married in 1995. Since then, their bond has remained unbreakable.

She said to Glamour in November 2014, “When Michel and I chose to be married, we understood: We’re not vowing to love each other forever because you can’t do that, but we are promising to work through whatever challenges come up.” “We’re dedicated to making our marriage work. It turns out that there is such a bond and that love takes on a different form if you have a history. I’m superstitious, too, so I don’t want to jinx anything!

What does Michel Stern do for a Living?

According to The New York Times, Stern was born and raised in France. He relocated here to pursue a career in advertising and has had success there. Despite being married to Kudrow, Stern has maintained complete privacy in his life; therefore, little is known about his professional background.

Net Worth of Michel Stern

The estimated value of Michel Stern’s net worth is $1.1 million. Lisa, his wife, is thought to be worth $90 million. The Los Angeles region is home to most of the couple’s houses in the USA. Lisa invested $1.9 million in 1996 to purchase a 6,400-square-foot residence in Beverly Hills. Michel Stern, Lisa Kudrow’s husband, is a devoted parent and partner. One of the longest marriages in Hollywood is between him and Lisa. In May 2021, the pair marked their 26th wedding anniversary.

How did Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow Meet?

When Kudrow first met Stern, her roommate’s boyfriend, she shared a residence with another person.

“We first met when he had just moved here, I was living with a French girl, and they were dating. I saw him, though, and thought, “Well, he’s the perfect man, and it’s all wrecked because now that they’re together, I can’t make a move for him,” but I’m freakishly polite, so I refrained “as quoted by Kudrow.

“I considered flirting to be impolite. However, as soon as I spotted him, I thought, “Well, that’s it, there he is.” “She remembered. The relationship between Stern and Kudrow’s roommate finally ended, and the actress and the advertising executive later reconnected. In 1995, the couple exchanged vows.

Is There a Kid Between Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern?

While Kudrow was still filming Friends, Stern and Kudrow learned they had a child. The episode referred to the actress’s pregnancy by having Phoebe serve as a surrogate for her brother Frank and his wife. During a 2018 PEOPLE interview, Kudrow recalls being pregnant while filming. They named their son “Julian”.

Julian received his degree from the University of Southern California in May 2021. On a significant occasion, the pleased mother posted a rare photo of her kid on Instagram. In the same month, she also honored his birthday by tweeting a touching photo tribute and explaining that they had a happy FaceTime call.


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Lisa Kudrow and her Spouse Remain Sincerely in Love

Despite having demanding schedules, Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern’s relationship is still going strong. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in May 2020, Kudrow revealed they were apart for their 25th wedding anniversary. She remarked that we are so accustomed to not being able to spend our anniversary together. “Oh, well. Does it matter? I love you. Do you still love me? Yeah. Great. We’re good,” we said.

Work on their second home in Palm Springs, California, forced them to decide to stay apart because Kudrow couldn’t stand the heat. “Since we had a house there, we were all there together. And then there was the lock-in, so we stayed put,” she added. “But that house required repair. Then, as is typical for the Palm Springs region, the temperature increased so that I could no longer tolerate it.”

Julian, the couple’s kid, benefits from their separation. If he wants to go on a golf trip, he goes, as Kudrow stated to Glamour in 2014: “Michel and I respect each other’s independence, and I don’t mean that as a euphemism. I don’t tell relationship-wise outside the Marriage. Clear? I think people get into trouble [when they assume they’re] supposed to be] one unit, in sync about everything. Marriage is like being on a team.

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