luke eisner girlfriend kirby johnson

Who is Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend? The Story of Meet of Their Meet!

Kirby Johnson is Luke Eisner’s girlfriend. Who is she? How did they hook up? Luke Eisner is a singer, actor, and model who is best known for his role in the Netflix original movie Tall Girl, which will be released in 2019.

In the movie, he also played Stig, a Swedish student from another country. Luke has played Taylor in movies available on Netflix and on the TV show Timeline. Luke got his start in the business as a model, too. He has made ads for well-known companies like Calvin Klein, American Eagle, Revolve, H&M, and others.

In Tall Girl, Luke Eisner’s role as Stig Mohlin touched a lot of people. Luke Eisner’s girlfriend, Kirby Johnson, has a lot of fans who want to know who she is. Read on to find out more!

Kirby Johnson is Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend. Who is She?

Luke Eisner, a young guy who wants to be an actress, is d@ting Kirby Johnson, who is beautiful. The fact that American star Kirby is seeing Luke seems to be getting a lot of attention. Since 2018, they have been dating.

They are both well-known on social media, and they often share posts with each other. They also look great together, and pictures of them are fun to look at. In fact, it seems like the couple loves each other very much and has a strong connection.

In the same way, it looks like the pair hangs out and has fun together often while holding hands. Kirby’s Reels have a lot of Luke in them. She says many times in her videos that he is “prettier than her.”

From what they have posted, it seems like they are in a serious, loving relationship. Luke has told her more than once that he wants to marry her one day. It’s possible that the two will get married. But for now, he wants to work on getting better at playing.

luke eisner girlfriend kirby johnson
luke eisner girlfriend kirby johnson

Kirby Johnson was born and raised on a small island in Florida called Key Largo. She is also known for playing Hannah Grace in the Sony movie “The Possession of Hannah Grace,” which is exactly what the title says.

She was also a guest star on the 2013 TV show “Hollywood Coach.” Kirby is a great dancer, and you can see her moves on her social media accounts. Kirby is also a dancer, contortionist, actor, and activist who makes a living at it.

Kirby was born and raised in the United States, in a town in California. Over 260K people follow her on Instagram, which shows how famous she is on social media. She has more than 2.9 million followers on TikTok and is well-known for what she does on social media.

On her social media channels, millions of people can watch her famous viral videos. People like her videos on the app. Luke and Kirby have a YouTube channel called Kirby and Luke Diaries.

This channel often posts funny videos, like vlogs, answers, storytime, fashion, and lifestyle pieces. Already, more than 60,4K people have signed up to follow their program.

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How Did Kirby Johnson and Luke Eisner Hook Up?

Kirby, the actor, and Kirby knew each other before they were popular. Kirby said she was relieved when the actor asked her to be his girlfriend because she thought he had put her in the friend zone.

Their bond has only grown stronger since they began d@ting. Eisner sent Kirby Johnson a stunning love message on Valentine’s Day 2022:


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Kirby said that the couple met for the first time in an apartment lift. At the time, they lived next door to each other. She also said that the actor’s smile made her feel good.

Kirby was the first to tweet about their relationship on May 14, 2019. The first time Eisner and Kirby met was at Pizza Place. The actor hates cheese, so she pretended she wasn’t hungry so she wouldn’t make her new boyfriend feel bad.

Luke thinks the actress is one of the best people to be with when he is stuck in traffic, taking a walk, or waiting in line. The actress loves to collect feathers, and in March 2019, she gave her boyfriend one of her best feather collections to put on his cowboy hat.

This is how she showed Luke how much she cared about him. The star once went to Summerfest to show her boyfriend her support. People know Eisner is good at what he does because his music shows it.

His music business is doing well, and he is often asked to play at different events. She is his number one fan, and she showed that when she went backstage at the 2019 Summerfest to cheer him on.

In 2019, the couple also went to New York Fashion Week. It’s worth noting that they have a YouTube account where they posted a behind-the-scenes vlog.

Are Eisner And Johnson Still Together?

They are often seen together, and because they felt love from all sides, they started the Luke and Kirby Diaries, a YouTube channel where they talk about their trips, jobs, and pranks.

The couple also likes to play games together and talk about each other in interviews, even when one of them is not there.

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Even though they’ve been together for more than three years, they seem to be in good health, and many people are curious about when they’ll get married.

The problem is that they are both at the top of their fields. Because they are so focused on their jobs, it may have been hard for them to plan for the future.

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