Who is Marshmello Girlfriend? Everything About Their Relationship!

Kelsey Calemine is the name of Marshmello’s girlfriend. She is an Instagram model and influencer from the United States. No one knows when they started going out, but they have been seen together.

Marshmello’s real name is Christopher Comstock. He is one of the most popular DJs in today’s world. They world-known him as a Dj when he mixed songs of Jack U and DJ Zedd. He is the creator of “Wolves”, “Happier”, “Silence”, “Friends”, and “Alone” which made him a star and Billboard included him in the top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Since 2015, when he started doing this, he has gotten pretty good at it. Everyone knows who he is. After Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, he has 40 million subscribers on YouTube. His YouTube channel is one of the biggest music channels in the world, with almost 7 billion views. He is worth almost $40 million in total.

About Marshmello Girlfriend, Kelsey Calemine

Kelsey Calemine is an Instagram model and influencer from the United States, and she is known as Marshmello Girlfriend. She was born in Los Angeles and is 22 years old. She became well-known because Lucy Hale posted on Instagram about how similar Kelsey’s face is to her own. This made a lot of people want to follow Kelsey.


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In the same post, she also says that Kelsey looked a lot like Kylie Jenner. She was also named the Instagram babe of the week by the magazine Galore.

Marshmello and Kelsey’s Relationship

Who is Marshmello Girlfriend

They don’t want anyone to know about their relationship, and they don’t want it to change. There aren’t many pictures online that show both of them at the same time. But when Kelsey Calemine posted a picture of Marshmello with his arms around her, fans all over the world got excited.

This showed that they are dating, but that’s all we know because they want to keep it quiet.

Marshmello Girlfriend Revealed His Face on Instagram

A Valentine’s Day post on his girlfriend Kelsey Calemine’s Instagram gave fans an interesting look at Marshmello. Many couples all over the world have posted similar pictures showing their love for their partner, but this one is very different because it shows the mysterious craftsman without his mask.

In the comments section, many fans, web characters, and experts like Diplo showed how much they liked the couple. She didn’t label Marshmello’s record directly, but she did label the record for Dotcom, which was his not-so-secret project before he wore a mask and became one of the best EDM experts in the world.

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