William Sisters: Who is Older Venus or Serena ?

The Williams sisters(Venus or Serena), who are among the finest tennis players in the world and are regarded as the best American players of the twenty-first century, have dominated practically all competitions. Their followers are unaware of many things about them like who is older Venus or Serena, let’s find out.

Who is Older Venus or Serena?

In Lynwood, California, on June 17, 1980, Venus Williams was born. She has an additional year on her sibling. One of the top grass-court tennis players of the twenty-first century is Venus. Since 2000, she has won five Wimbledon championships on grass courts. Venus plays excellent all-around tennis, but her most effective move is a strong serve. She had possessed one of women’s tennis’ most dreaded serves. Venus also effectively utilizes her height and extended reach to reach balls that are out of reach for most players.

On September 26, 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan, Serena Williams was born. Many people think of her as one of the greatest tennis players in history. She is a tremendously talented player who has won numerous Grand Slam titles on a variety of courts. Serena is a strong baseline player and has one of the strongest serves in tennis. Serena is one of the only tennis players to simultaneously hold all four Grand Slam championships.

Playing Style of Venus Williams

Williams is a competitive player that plays all over the floor. She often compiles high amounts of both victories and unforced errors due to her forceful playing style. She can hit her forehand and backhand flat and with topspin and has strong groundstrokes on all sides of the court. She is very skilled at using her backhand slice to break up the flow of rallies and slow them down. She can serve many aces in any game thanks to her strong serve.

Her serve has slowed since then, averaging 172 km/h (107 mph), and peaking at 189 km/h (117 mph). At the height of her career, her first serve would average 182 km/h (113 mph), and would frequently peak at 199 km/h (124 mph). She uses her proficient kick and slice serves as second serves to deny opponents the opportunity to score unearned points. Her 208 km/h (129 mph) serve at the 2007 US Open still stands as the WTA Tour’s fastest serve record as of 2014.

She enjoys getting close to the goal and scoring quickly. She has a large arm spread thanks to her height of 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m), which gives her the ability to reach challenging returns when positioned near the net. She can conduct a variety of shoots at the goal, which results in numerous points being won.

Championship won by Venus Williams

Venus Williams has won more than forty career trophies in singles tennis, including five Wimbledon Championships, two US Opens, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a WTA title.

Venus has won twenty matches in doubles tennis throughout her career, including six at Wimbledon, two US Opens, two French Opens, four Australian Opens, and three Olympic gold medals. Venus also achieved mixed doubles victories at the Australian and French Opens.

Playing Style of Serena Williams

Williams plays aggressive baseline tennis and relies heavily on her strong serve and explosive groundstrokes to win matches. Due to her high-risk playing style, she frequently makes both forced and unforced errors. Williams’ serve, which is regarded as the best in women’s tennis history, is her strongest suit. She frequently serves aces thanks to her rapid pace and precise placement on the ball; at the 2013 Australian Open, she served a 128.6 mph (207 km/h) ace against Ayumi Morita in the third round was the third-fastest serve in WTA history.

Williams has a precise and reliable ball toss that enables her to serve to any position on the court with little variation in the position of the ball in the air. As a result, it is challenging for opponents to read her service motion and predict the position of her serve, which allows her to control a rally from the opening stroke. In addition, Williams is skilled and accurate with her kick and slice serves, which she uses as second serves to reduce double faults and prevent opponents from gaining free points.

She hits both her forehand and her backhand with an open stance, which enables her to produce consistently strong, heavy, and dominating groundstrokes as well as sharp, acute angles that enable her to hit winners from any position on the court. Williams is also well-known for her forceful forehand, which has been dubbed “devastating”. She also has two of the most powerful groundstrokes in the history of women’s tennis.

Championship won by Serena Williams

As of 2021, Serena had won 24 Grand Slam singles. In the Open Era, no player has accumulated more than this. Serena Williams has won well over seventy singles tennis tournaments during her career, including seven Wimbledon crowns, three French Opens, six US Opens, seven Australian Opens, five WTA titles, and the 2012 Gold Medal.

Serena has won 14 Grand Slam titles in doubles tennis throughout her career, including six at Wimbledon, two US Opens, two French Opens, four Australian Opens, and three Olympic gold medals. Serena also triumphed in mixed doubles at Wimbledon and the US Open.


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