Darrell Brooks, suspect in Waukesha Parade attack, was escorted out of court after following outburst


In a pre-trial hearing on Friday, August 26, the man accused of ramming his car through the Waukesha Christmas Parade left early.

Three hours after he made a scene in the courtroom, Darrell Brooks asked to leave.

After a brief pause, Brooks entered the courtroom and told Waukesha Sheriff’s deputies, “Don’t touch me.”

When the deputies tried to calm Brooks down, he disregarded them and declared, “Everything here is political. It’s a show. You are being instructed what to do, and you are being paid to do it.”

Judge Jennifer Dorow then issued an order for a lunch break.

“I’m not going to engage in this right now with him. He must be present. He doesn’t cooperate, “Says Dorow.

The outburst happened after the state claimed that Brooks was not listening and seemed to be dozing off for a while during the hearing.

Sue Opper, the district attorney for Waukesha County, said: “I don’t know if he’s simply being disrespectful, uninterested, or if he’s not feeling well, but I believe it would be legitimate to ask if he is capable of assisting in his own defense at this point.”

After lunch, Brooks returned in a composed manner.

Mr. Brooks, there can’t be eruptions like that, I need you to realize that, Dorow stated.

He was given a warning from Dorow that if he misbehaved once more, she would have to cite him for contempt of court and he would lose his privilege to remain there for the rest of the hearing.

“Definitely not stuff I would like to do. I want you to come “Says Dorow.

But Brooks didn’t want to be there.

Three hours into the session, the defendant made a request to go back to his cell.

“Definitely not stuff I would like to do. I want you to come “Says Dorow.

But Brooks didn’t want to be there.

Three hours into the session, the defendant made a request to go back to his cell.

Can you explain what’s happening, the judge questioned Brooks.

I simply want to go, Brooks retorted.

Judge Jennifer Dorow rejected the defense’s two attempts to have the case’s evidence and interrogations dismissed prior to the disturbance.

Documents that were removed from Brooks’ cell, according to the defense, were privileged. The state disputed this.

Dorow came to the conclusion that it was obvious the documents weren’t correspondence between Brooks and his legal team.

In addition, the defense submitted a request to have the questions asked of Brooks after his arrest dismissed. Dorow claims that because Brooks did not exercise his right to remain silent, the interviews can be used.

The judge, the defense, and the prosecution continued to talk about the juror questionnaires after Brooks left for the day.

On September 9, Brooks is due back in court for a jury status hearing.

The trial is set to start on October 3.

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