Who is the Owner of Facebook? Some Amazing Facts About Facebook You Don’t Know

Facebook is a social media platform or social networking site that enables users to offer a wide range of services for free, including marketing, video, photo, and chat.

You must first register for a Facebook account before connecting with anyone outside of your friends and family. Fb(Facebook) is a huge social media site available in Hindi, English, and many other languages. Scroll down for more information regarding Facebook.

Who is the Owner of Facebook?

who is the owner of facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, Owner of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook and is still in charge of it today, is Facebook’s owner. Mark Eliot Zuckerberg is Mark Zuckerberg’s full name.

On May 14, 1984, Mark Zuckerberg was born in the US city of New York. If we remember his early years, he was always more interested in technology. Because of this, he attended Harvard University for his undergraduate studies and completed them so that he could work in a field that suited him.

Then, while still in college, he launched Fb, which has grown to be a massive network because of his perseverance and commitment.

Beginning of Facebook

If we’re talking about how Fb got launched, Mark Zuckerberg did it on February 4, 2004, while he was a student at Harvard University.

At that time, he introduced Fb as a website where everyone could post images and communicate with others. With his commitment and diligence, Mark Zuckerberg rapidly expanded the social network platform Fb after its debut.

After Google and YouTube, Fb is currently the third-largest social media site. Mark Zuckerberg has been listed as one of the top 10 wealthiest persons because Facebook is currently a business.

With a current net worth of US$66 billion, Mark Zuckerberg is ranked sixth among the top 10 richest persons. He was also recognized in the 2010 editions of Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful People and Person of the Year lists.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

The most prominent social networking site in the world, Fb has many benefits beyond just being a source of pleasure. However, there are also some drawbacks, so let’s examine them.

Benefits of Facebook

You must register for a Fb account, which is free to use.

Fb allows you to talk to new friends and make new ones.

You can share your ideas, pictures, and videos with millions of users on Fb. You may also express your emotions as you make a post.

Numerous Fb pages You may gain a lot of knowledge by creating Fb groups and setting up and using your page and group.

Every eighth person on the planet uses Fb, a great social media platform, for amusement.

Fb’s users have security access, and you may use it to start your own online business in addition to using it for amusement.

Additionally, Fb allows you to conduct video chats with your loved ones, which you may use to advertise your company.

Drawbacks of Facebook

Fb protects its users, but those unfamiliar with it frequently have their accounts compromised.

While Fb is great for amusement, users occasionally publish indecent photographs, impacting children because teens are now also using Facebook.

On Fb, there are sometimes a lot of sites and groups that publish things that hurt other people’s feelings.

Many people forget about their personal lives because they are accustomed to using Fb.

Many people on Fb harass others using false identification, while others con others.

Today’s youth use Fb to squander time by posting and chatting daily, which they later regret.

Amazing Facts About Facebook

  • Rural Communities Love Facebook

In America, three out of four Fb users reside in urban areas.

However, this does not imply that Fb is not well-liked there.

In actuality, Fb is used by 66% of American people in rural areas.

YouTube (64%) and Pinterest (26%) are their closest competitors.

  • Facemash was Mark Zuckerberg’s original concept for a website

Zuckerberg conceived the idea for a website that would let users compare people’s faces while still a student at Harvard.

The platform allowed users to vote on “who’s hotter.”

Unsurprisingly, Harvard’s authorities weren’t impressed by his concept.

The project for Zuckerberg was halted, and he was threatened with expulsion.

  • The Early Years of Facebook Were Hard

As soon as Facebook was founded, Zuckerberg was confronted with legal issues.

Cameron, Tyler, and Divya Winklevoss, three other Harvard students, sued him for allegedly copying his concept.

The conflict lasted for four long years.

In the end, Zuckerberg gave the Winklevoss brothers and Divya Narendra $65 million.

As a part of the agreement, he also gave them shares of Fb.

  • Facebook’s interest among the older generation is rising.

71% of American teenagers used Facebook in 2015.

The percentage has now dropped to 51%.

On the other hand, seniors are among the Fb demographics expanding the fastest.

Baby Boomer usage hit 60% in 2019.

  • English is only spoken by half of Facebook users

More than half of Fb profiles are set to a language other than English. Fb offers over 100 languages, which is helpful for people who don’t speak English.

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