Who Killed Sara season 3

‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3: trailer, cast and everything else you need to know

Where to watch ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3 online?

Just like the first two seasons, you can expect the penultimate season to be available only on Netflix. All you have to do is go to this page on the giant streaming service.

Netflix has the sixth season of “Better Call Saul.” In its final season, the Breaking Bad spin-off is also on pace to set several records for viewers’ attention spans.

Is ‘Who Killed Sara?’ worth watching?

Whether or whether you enjoy a good murder mystery is really up to you. If the response is a resounding yes, you’ll adore it. As for the show’s narrative, it goes like this:

To find the genuine perpetrator of the crime, “lex sets out to uncover much more than the real perpetrator.”

In addition, the show has a current Metacritic score of 6.4/10. Even though it may have been better, any show with a rating of six or higher is at least worth watching.

‘Who Killed Sara?’ is missing. Let us tell you everything you need to know about Netflix’s hit series before its third season premieres.

Who Killed Sara? (Quién Mató Sara? en Espanol) season 3 is here for your viewing pleasure.

Sara Guzmán’s fate is still a mystery, but we can’t wait to find out more about her in the upcoming third season of the show. Having a release date for the crime thriller has us enthralled, and we’re channeling our inner detective (so many theories!).

To Whom I owe my life? premiered in late March 2021 and was quickly followed by season two in mid-May 2021 after an explosive conclusion (we’ve got the cheat sheet for the Who Killed Sara? season 1 ending if you need a reminder) (yes, with another cliffhanger finale).

Our eagerness for season 2 is fueled in part by the cast of Who Killed Sara?, which has drawn an estimated 55 million viewers since its premiere in Mexico.

Who Killed Sara season 3
Who Killed Sara season 3


If you haven’t already, mark your calendars: Netflix has confirmed that Who Killed Sara? will return on Wednesday, May 18. That Who Killed Sara? The season 2 finale left us with some unanswered questions. We’re thrilled that there will be more drama to fill the void.


Season two of Who Killed Sara? ended with not one but two people revealing themselves as Sara’s killers, so it’s safe to assume that season three will delve deeper into the identity(s) of the perpetrator(s).

Some crazy fan theories even suggest that Sara could still be alive (à la Cesar), but we believe that the storyline will focus on Nicandro and his shady dealings with the doctor in the coming episodes.

The cast, on the other hand, isn’t going to spill any beans. Carolina Miranda (Elisa) told Esquire that not even her mother has any special rights or advantages. As soon as they see that I’m having a good time at a party, everyone asks, ‘By the way—who killed Sara?'”

“In other words: I have no right to remain silent. In the same way, my mother would tell me. ‘I’m your mother,’ for example. Because I’m your mother, you have to tell me.’ [Laughs]. ‘It’s my job, mother!'”


Manolo Cardona (who plays Alex), Ximena Lamadrid (who plays Sara), Alejandro Nones (who plays Rodolfo Lazcano), Ginés Garca Millán (who plays César), Claudia Ramrez (who plays Mariana Lazcano), Carolina Miranda (who plays Elisa Lazcano), Eugenio Siller (who plays José Mara Lazcano), Marifer (who plays Litzy), and Mat (Nicandro).

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