Why Does Paris Hilton Consider Himself as One of the Best Djs?

New York-born Paris Whitney Hilton is a media personality, model and businesswoman. The 41-year-old has established her line on very specific iconography, that includes Juicy Couture tracksuits, tiny dogs, large sunglasses, and pink purses. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who founded Hilton Hotels.

Apart from those, there is another side of Hilton as well. She has been working actively for a decade. In the past few days, she has also gained attention as a well known EDM DJ and reportedly, she also earns a huge amount from this profession as well. 

How Paris Hilton Gained Popularity?

During the early 2000s, Hilton began to gain limelight for the first time. She started modeling prior to becoming a socialite. She appeared in the 2003 reality television show titled The Simple Life with her friend Nicole Richie. 

She then began focusing on her business ventures, that include several acting roles, music, clothing for dogs and fragrance launches as well. Later, she started paying attention to her DJ career in 2012, and she also managed to triumph in that field too. 

Let’s have a look at Paris Hilton’s controversial DJ career


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Hilton’s DJ Career

In Summer 2012, when Hilton first stepped into her DJ career, she wasn’t taken seriously by a lot of people. As per Billboard, she herself confessed she was “nervous” initially but later just triumphed in it as she could not imagine herself doing any other thing.

In a 2017 statement, Paris Hilton said “I’ve just been having the time of my life,” adding “I didn’t realize what a huge success I would be.” It has been years now since she started DJing professionally and also did a momentous 5-year long run in Ibiza. 

Though she has many fans, a lot continues to believe that she hasn’t excelled a lot in the field. 

In 2017, a critic penned, Hilton “is not a musician, but rather a brand name,” as per HuffPost. The critic then added that she has benefitted herself from a lot of help during DJ sets adding “in the middle of Paris Hilton’s subpar deejay debut in Brazil, a man suddenly appeared from behind the booth and started twisting the knobs on her Traktor Kontrol, essentially doing her job for her.”

For a lot of people there are several such moments as proof that Hilton isn’t a “real” DJ.

Paris Hilton Considers Herself as One of the Most Skilled DJs

Hilton does not pay heed to what critics have to say and it looks that the statistics do not lie certainly. As reported by The Guardian, Paris Hilton makes nearly $1 million for each DJ set, though she refuses to open up on definite figures. Despite being reluctant to reveal anything about money, HuffPost mentions that she has claimed to be one of the “top five in the world.” 

On the basis of just her alleged earnings, Paris Hilton should be the part of the highest-earning DJs’ list. But in 2017, she was clearly removed from top-earning EDM DJs’ list, which might be a move that raised out of the criticism that she has gathered for not being a “real” DJ.

Despite all the random haters, she continued to make claims that she is one of the top DJs. In a November 2017 statement, she said “Inventing getting paid to party — I’m sorry, people want to hate on that? I think it’s pretty awesome.” 

Final Words

Let us know if you also believe that Paris Hilton is one of the best DJs. Stay tuned for more such news.

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