Why Does Scott Perry Stand Out in FBI Probes of Trump Allies?

The Justice Department’s inspector general, whose office declined to comment, is leading the election subversion investigation. In June, FBI agents acting on behalf of the Inspector General seized the phone of attorney John Eastman, who is also implicated in the effort. According to CNN, the seizure of Perry’s cell phone was linked to the Inspector General’s investigation.

A special committee investigation released on January 6 said that dozens of Republican lawmakers helped Trump stay in power or made it easier for him to do so. Perry’s role, however, stands out, suggesting that this isn’t the case. Here are some of the things that congressional investigators have found so far about Perry’s role.

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Promotion of Jeffrey Clarke

Testimony from the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Jan. 6 special committee investigation shows that Perry pushed former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clarke after the 2020 election. Trump’s supporters think Clark is willing to look into unproven claims of voter fraud, and Clark urges states to think about calling Congress back together and changing certified election results. I was getting ready to write a letter from the ministry that would be official.

Investigators indicated that Perry helped introduce Clark to Trump and his supporters. ‘He said something to the effect of ‘I think he’s the kind of person who can get in there and do something about this,’” he told lawmakers. And this was happening shortly after the President mentioned Mr. Clark on the phone call that afternoon. ”

Scott Perry Stand Out in FBI

Visit records released by the Select Panel showed Perry took Clarke to the White House on Dec. 22, 2020, and helped introduce him to Trump.

In a document put out by the task force, Perry told Mark Meadows, who was Chief of Staff at the White House at the time, how important it was to promote Clark.

“Mark, check in as the time countdown continues. 11 days to 1/6, 25 days to launch. Gotta go!” please,” he added.

Trump fired the DOJ leadership just days before Jan. 6 and only relented when senior White House and Justice Department leaders threatened to resign en masse shortly after installing Clark. did.

Meadows Encrypted Message

In the same December 26, 2020 text exchange, Perry said he used an encrypted messaging service called Signal to send a message to Meadows and asked, “Have you called Jeff Clark?” rice field. It’s unclear if any of the men have Signal chats, but the National Archives previously said Meadows may not have “properly” saved all records from his phone and email accounts. acknowledged that there is

The January 6 special committee also received testimony from Meadows’ former chief of staff, Cassidy Hutchinson.

Plans for Trump’s January 6th Strategy

Perry also attended a meeting with lawmakers at the pro-Trump Liberal caucuses, chaired by Perry, at the White House on Dec. 21, 2020, to support Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6. Discussed strategies to prevent or delay accreditation. They particularly focused on then-Vice President Mike Pence’s role in overseeing the counting of electoral votes.

Hutchinson recalled that White House lawyers would be present and that Pence would “push back” plans surfaced by Perry and other Trump supporters to reject Biden’s electorate on Jan. 6. . Trump elector. White House attorneys did not believe the plan was “legally sound,” Hutchinson testified.

Take Trump to the Capitol on January 6th

Hutchinson’s testimony also revealed Trump’s plans to go to the Capitol on Jan. 6 — and Meadows and Perry discussed the proposal.

“I remember Mark Meadows, Scott Perry, Mark, and Rudy Giuliani and I talked about some different ideas,” Hutchinson told lawmakers. “I don’t know which talk made the president look better. I don’t know what he wanted to do that day when he went to the Capitol.

Hutchinson also told the task force that Perry agreed with plans to bring in people who support Trump. March passed the Houses of Parliament.

request for pardon

Hutchinson said Perry was one of a handful of Republicans who discussed a possible pardon from Trump in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 uprising. No one was ultimately pardoned.

“Mr. Perry also asked for a pardon.

Perry says he is not trying to get a pardon for himself or any other member of Congress. However, Rep. Moe Brooks (R-Alabama) has asked for a pardon because he doesn’t agree with the electoral vote. In response to the request, the email was sent. He asked for something in writing and sent it to the White House.

Brooks told reporters in June, “The president thought it best to let it go.

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