Why is There Lockdown at Medway High School? Is School Under Serious Threats!

Medway High School has been placed under lockdown. On Wednesday, April 26, just before 1 p.m., the school got two phone calls from an unknown individual stating that there was a threat to the safety of the students. As a result, the school went into lockdown mode.

On Wednesday, school authorities at Medway High School reported receiving threats, which prompted an inquiry by the local police department. The school was placed under lockdown as a result.

In an announcement made to the community, Medway Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Armand Pires announced that the high school had been locked down, but that all of the students and staff members were safe.

“We know that this is unsettling and promise that we will keep you apprised,” Pires said. “Our student and staff safety is our primary concern.”

In addition, Pires added in her announcement that “out of an abundance of caution and to allow for a full investigation,” she has decided to cancel all after-school events, including athletics.

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Officials from the school and the police department revealed new information at approximately 5 p.m., stating that the high school had “received two phone calls from an individual indicating threats to student safety” at approximately 1 p.m. earlier in the day.

The threats, according to the police, are not taken seriously. Officials reported that the school was deemed safe at approximately 3 o’clock in the afternoon, allowing pupils to be dismissed after a slight delay in the normal dismissing time.

Why is There Lockdown at Medway High School?
Why is There Lockdown at Medway High School?

As an additional measure of safety, the school canceled all events scheduled for after school. According to a subsequent Tweet from Medway Schools, all of the students were let out of school shortly before 3:30 o’clock in the afternoon. Have a look at the tweet linked below:

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Officials have stated that lessons will continue as normal on Thursday despite the incident that occurred. Officials have stated that there is no evidence to suggest that there is an ongoing threat, but they have also stated that there will be an increased police presence at Medway High School.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the matter is still under investigation.

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