“Worst Fears Came True”: A Pregnant Woman and Her Baby Son Died in a Car Crash in Windsor Hills!

As she sat on the sofa, tears flooded down her face as Cotie Davis thought about what happened to her sister Asherey Ryan. She said her friends and family always called her “Rey Rey.”

She would have been 24 years old next month. Davis says that on Thursday her sister was driving to a baby doctor when the driver of a Mercedes was speeding through a red light and hit her car, killing her, her son Alonzo and her unborn child.

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“I used to pray all the time to keep my sister safe,” Davis told FOX 11. “My worst fears came true.”

Car Crash Windsor Hills

Shaking and inconsolable, 20-year-old Davis couldn’t console herself. She told us, “I’m in shock. I can’t believe I’m walking and talking and I’ll never see her again. She was so supportive.”

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