Zac Efron Reacts To Wolverine Casting Rumors

Zac Efron Reacts To Wolverine Casting Rumors: Fans have been waiting for the Marvel Studios remake of the X-Men and their entry into the MCU since Disney’s 2019 acquisition of Fox.

However, there are also many unanswered concerns, such as when we may expect to see the X-Men and who Marvel Studios will choose to play Wolverine.

While the answer to the first question is debatable, Ryan Reynolds just provided an answer to the second by announcing that Hugh Jackman will be returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

However, considering that the next Deadpool sequel will most likely be set in the Multiversal, Jackman’s reappearance does not entail that he is the only Wolverine in existence. It also doesn’t clarify why Zac Efron was said to be up for the role of the mutant in the MCU.

Now, only a few days after the announcement of Jackman’s return to the character, Efron has addressed rumors of his own casting as Wolverine.

Zac Efron Responds to Wolverine Casting Rumors

The actor Zac Efron said, “Wow, they could just call me,” in response to Jimmy Fallon’s inquiry on The Tonight Show regarding reports of Marvel Studios’ search for a Zac Efron type.

When Fallon asked if Efron had “even been approached by Marvel,” Efron said he hadn’t.

When asked about it, Efron said, “Really? The people want this, Fallon said confidently.”

On the other hand, Zac Efron responded to the recent announcement of Deadpool 3 by noting, “Hugh seems to be holding his own there, at least. To be fair, he deserves credit.”

Jimmy Fallon countered that by saying, “He’ll let you do it,” poking fun at the fact that Efron knows Hugh because of their roles in The Greatest Showman.

Next, Efron said, “Yes, I had some sway in that situation. The time has come for me to visit with him.”

Does Efron Have Jackman’s Back?

Talk show hosts often ask guests pre-approved topics, so it’s noteworthy when stars discuss Marvel casting rumors.

Whether or not that’s what happened during his Jimmy Fallon chat, Efron never denied the claims or seemed to be shocked by them.

Instead, he avoided answering any of Fallon’s questions and gave the impression that he was treading carefully.

If the reports weren’t true, he wouldn’t have felt compelled to reply in this way. The future has the answer.

However, Wolverine’s presence in the MCU is not what Marvel fans had hoped for.

The star of High School Musical has reportedly been in the running for the role of Adam Warlock, which finally went to Will Poulter, and the role of Nova, the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, which has remained uncast.

Zac Efron has also shown interest in joining the MCU, saying earlier this year, “if the proper role comes along, I will leap at the opportunity.”

Efron’s words and the chatter online hint that something has happened between the actor and Marvel Studios, however, fans will have to wait to find out if he is portraying a variation of Wolverine or another MCU hero.

As Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman get ready to film Deadpool 3, and Phase 5 of the MCU approaches, fans will likely find out more about Efron’s Marvel possibilities in the near future.

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